One Step closer to You by Alice Peterson

After Polly ends her relationship with the father of her young son, Louis, she is determined to move on. All she wants is to focus on her job, her friends and to be a good mum. No more looking over her shoulder. No more complications…
Then Polly meets Ben.
Ben is guardian of his niece, Emily. They become close, with Polly teaching Ben how to plait Emily’s hair, and Ben playing football with Louis. Their friendship is unexpected. Polly’s never been happier.
But when Louis’s dad reappears in their life, all Polly’s mistakes come back to haunt her and her resolve weakens when he swears he has changed.
Will she give herself a second chance to love?
Yet again Alice Peterson has managed to alter my perspective and leave me astounded.
As with every book Alice Peterson has written, you find yourself on a journey. Ajourney that travels through many emotions.
Within the pages of One Step Closer to You you find your emotions on the 12 step programme as you journey with our main protaganist Polly.
Alice Peterson has a unique ability of taking her characters and allowing you to see every angle of their life. Their flaws are open for all to see and it’s with this ability that you fall in love with them. Because they are characters who experience difficulty and face it head on.
In every story there is a strength that is inspiring.
One Step Closer to You, shares with us a timeline from both the past and present. This allows us to see why Polly is in her current situation.
Polly is an incredible character to discover. There were times when her actions annoyed me but she always managed to win me around.
I love how she is with son Louis, it is evident that she has focused on changing her whole life for him. The way in which she welcomes Ben and his niece Emily into her life had me smiling. It felt as though they switched a light on in each other’s life.
The story deals with some deep and at time dark issues but there is a lightness added throughout. The light within the dark comes rrom Louis and Emily… the innocence of youth who have faced tough times already.
Not read anything by Alice Peterson before, then I recommend them all!
I don’t even read the blurb now, if it’s got Alice’s name on it, then you know It’s going to be a winner!

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