Some Veil Did Fall by Kirsty Ferry

Some Veil Did Fall by Kirsty Ferry

What if you recalled memories from a life that wasn’t yours, from a life before?
When Becky steps into Jonathon Nelson’s atmospheric photography studio in Whitby, she is simply a freelance journalist in search of a story. But as soon as she puts on the beautiful Victorian dress and poses for a photograph, she becomes somebody quite different…

From that moment on, Becky is overcome with visions and flashbacks from a life that isn’t her own – some disturbing and filled with fear.

As she and Jon begin to unravel the tragic mystery behind her strange experiences, the natural affinity that they have for each other continues to grow and leads them to question – have they met somewhere before? Perhaps not just in this life but in another?

Kirsty Ferry has created a wonderful time slip paranormal romance, that will have you gripped as you travel through era’s and explore the possibly of a past life.

This is an incredible debut that follows Becky, our protagonist from the present era, as she embarks on a goth weekend in Whitby.
It is here that she bumps into Jonathon Nelson someone she has known since childhood, but this meeting seems to bring about a shift in their relationship for soon they are both having flashbacks to a different era, what is it they are destined to learn?

Ferry has created a world that isn’t just enveloped in mystery, it is also full of caring and intuitive people, like Becky and Lissy (Jon’s sister)
There is a strong sense of love amongst certain characters and it flows through the pages as the characters prove that they will do anything to help each other.
All with the exception of Seb!

With such intricately woven era’s and characters to take to heart, there is no doubt that Ferry has created a story that will stay with you long after you’ve finished it.


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