Magic Sometimes Happens by Margaret James

Magic Sometimes Happens by Margaret James

London-based PR and promotions consultant Rosie Denham has just spent a year in Paris where she’s tried but failed to fall in love. She’s also made a big mistake and can’t forgive herself.
American IT professor Patrick Riley’s wife has left him for a Mr Wonderful with a cute British accent and a house with a real yard. So Patrick’s not exactly thrilled to meet another Brit who’s visiting Minnesota, even if she’s hot.
Pat and Rosie couldn’t be more different. She’s had a privileged English upbringing. He was raised in poverty in Missouri. Pat has two kids, a job that means the world to him and a wife who might decide she wants her husband back.
So when Pat and Rosie fall in love, the prospects don’t seem bright for them.

But magic sometimes happens – right?

Margaret James is back to embrace us in the warmth and wittiness of her words with Magic Sometimes Happens

Rosie Denham has returned back home following a year in France.
Rosie’s return is shrouded by an event that took place, something she can’t forgive herself for.
The story follows Rosie, who not only embarks on setting up her own PR firm but also meets the the lovely but slightly heartbroken Patrick Riley.

Rosie is a lovely character, she is witty and determined but on occasions does show a vulnerability that makes her wonderfully relatable.
Patrick is an immensely swoon worthy character and just like Rosie, he too has a vulnerable side.

But one of my favourite aspects of this story was the chance to be reunited with Fanny from The Wedding Diary she is a character I will never tire of.

Magic Sometimes Happens is an incredible story that offers a will they won’t they romance, secrets and a story that will grip you from the very beginning.

Thank you once again Margaret James for captivating my imagination and providing me with pure indulgent escapism.


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  1. Margaret James
    December 2, 2014 / 11:30 pm

    Ooh, thank you! I’m so glad to hear you enjoyed it!

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