I’ll Take New York by Miranda Dickinson

I’ll Take New York by Miranda Dickinson

When Brooklyn bookstore owner Bea James is let down once too often by her unreliable boyfriend Otis, she swears off relationships for good. Determined to focus on her successful business and otherwise happy life in New York instead, she believes she has made the right decision.

Meanwhile, on the other side of Manhattan, psychiatrist Jake Steinmann is nursing a broken heart after his beautiful wife Jessica files for divorce. Rebuilding his life back in New York, he throws himself into work and re-establishing his relationship with older brother, Ed.

Unexpectedly thrown together at an engagement party where they are the only two singles, Bea and Jake bond over their love of New York and dislike of relationships – a conversation that ends with a Pact to never get involved with anyone ever again.

But the City has other plans…

There’s something magical about picking up a book by Miranda Dickinson, I can’t quite describe the feeling that comes as you lose yourself with the pages and find yourself enchanted by her words.

I’ll Take New York follows Bea and Jake two people who are experiencing heartbreak and the sense of self discovery.
When a chance encounter means that Bea and Jake are introduced, the duo decide to make a pact, neither will embark on a relationship ever again.
But what happens when the person you made the pact with, is the person you feel you couldn’t live without?

I LOVE THIS STORY, I love the way I fell in love with New York through the characters,
I loved the fact that Bea ran a book store and treated books with the love and care they deserve. I love Jake and everything about him.
I love being reunited with Rosie, Ed and the gang at Kawolski’s, I loved the glimpse we got of Harri and her life with Alex.
I loved the books that Bea’s grandmother sends her and the little book mice that visit.

Bea is wonderful, I found myself drawn to her like a kindred spirit.
Her passion for books and New York was felt throughout and I loved the relationship she has with her brother.
Someone else who has a wonderful relationship with their brother, is Jake, handsome, sensitive, loving Jake. I instantly loved Jake and it’s obvious he has good genes.
I admired Jake for being able to put his heartbreak on hold and share in the happiness of Rosie and Ed’s relationship,
I cannot express my love for this book enough!

Miranda Dickinson has always managed to create stories that real people will relate to, with characters who you will fall in love with.
From the first page of her debut novel, Fairytale of New York, I knew I had discovered someone who pours emotion into their words, someone who will show you through the pages that everyday problems happen to us all, but most of all someone who will inspire you by the strength and determination of the characters they write about.

I cannot recommend this book highly enough, I’ve already got copies on pre order ready for Christmas, give the gift of happiness and discovery this year, give the gift of I’ll Take New York


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