Reading with my niece: Badger and the Great Storm by Suzanne Chiew Illustrated by Caroline Pedler

I am blessed to have a niece who loves reading, so when Jessie from Little Tiger Press asked if I would be interested in reviewing some children’s books, I jumped at the chance.
Armed with her new book, we sat down to read Badger and the Great Storm


Badgers have always lived under the old oak tree. But one day, a terrible storm arrives. Big-hearted Badger works hard to keep his friends safe from the bad weather – protecting burrows and rescuing nests. But who will look after Badger’s home in the old oak tree?


Thank you to Jessie for sending a copy to review.

What we thought;

Within this beautifully illustrated story is a heartwarming tale that allows children to discover the selfless character that is Badger as he puts his friendships before his home in this story of bravery and courage.

The illustrations add something special, we particularly liked Badger wearing boots and holding his hat on his head amidst the storm,

I found this story to be a lovely read, it’s always magical to discover a story through a child’s eyes and the message at the end was clear.
My niece adored the colourful illustrations as well as the friendships Badger had, she particularly enjoyed the way Badger read to the bunnies to calm them and how kind Badger was to his friends.
At the end of the book, she looked at me and said ‘You should always be kind to people and help them when you can’

This is truly a wonderful story for families to read together.



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