Tied Up With Love by Amelia Thorne

 Being grabbed off the street, blind folded, tied up and thrown into a van was not what Izzy expected to happen when she stepped out the door. But when an accidental kidnapping at the hands of the sexy Ethan Chase and his ‘Kidnap My Wife’ sexual fantasy business leads to just that. Izzy seizes the chance to turn her misfortune into a brilliant new job opportunity…
Since then, life has been one big tangle of new client meetings, fake kidnapping pick-ups, and handling the temperamental. But drop dead gorgeous ‘bad boy’ Mr Chase. As liberating as getting tied up in Ethan’s life is, Izzy knows the time is fast approaching when she must make some decisions. It’s time to take charge of her future. The only question is: will Ethan allow himself to be a part of it?
Having reworded this review at least 10 times, I find myself wanting to scream BUY IT NOW!
But I know it isn’t that simple, however it’s hard to put it into words how much I LOVED this book.
We start the story in what feels like a completely different genre. As the characters spring into action, with our main protagonist Izzy, being victim to a kidnapping. But fear not ladies and gents, Izzy wasn’t the intended target.
After discovering that her kidnappers are harmless and staring into the dreamy eyes of Ethan Chase ‘The Boss’. Izzy tries a bit of blackmail and gains herself a job working for Ethan in the ”Kidnap My Wife” office. Working so closely together sees the pair fighting against their obvious chemistry and at times dislike for each other.

Can they overcome rumours and secrets, whilst building up a business and potentially a relationship!

From the first page I found myself liking Izzy, her feistiness is evident and I love how she uses the situation she finds herself in, to gain employment. With her ambition and eagerness felt throughou! Izzy is a wonderfully relatable character..
Then there’s Ethan, HOT, SULKY, BROODING, DELICIOUS Ethan. Despite his stubbornness and at times bluntness. I couldn’t help but LOVE him, you only have to look at his relationship with his family, to know that he is a genuinely caring guy.
The connection between Izzy and Ethan, makes for some phenomenal scenes. I LOVED how powerful their feelings were and how much emotion Thorne has poured into this story to make their relationship come to life. But Izzy and Ethan aren’t the only amazing characters within this story, there are Kyle and Gizmo. Other members of the Kidnap My Wife family and two characters who help us see another side to Ethan. Kidnap My Wife wouldn’t be a successful business, if it weren’t for the clients. And it is through some fantastic subplots that we meet a few people who require the service.
For me one of the funniest chapters within the book, is when Ethan gives Izzy the guided tour. I found myself crying with laughter whilst blushing at the same time. I cannot recommend this book enough, it’s sensational, romantic, sweet, witty and a book I will read again and again. To sum it up, Amelia Thorne is a GENIUS!

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