The Happy Ever Afterlife of Rosie Potter (RIP) by Kate Winter

The Happy Ever Afterlife of Rosie Potter (RIP) by Kate Winter

Falling in love is never simple especially when you’re dead. 

They say love as long as you live, but for Rosie Potter, it’s death that brings surprising life affirmations. 

When Rosie Potter wakes up to discover that her hangover is slightly more serious than she could have anticipated and that she is, in fact, dead, the weirdness is just the beginning.

With her death shrouded in suspicious circumstances and several fingers pointing squarely at her poor, grieving boyfriend Jack, Rosie begins to piece together the events leading up to her untimely demise and solve the mystery of her own murder. Along the way, it turns out, there are many secrets and lies to unravel in the quiet Irish village of Ballycarragh, and nobody is as innocent as they first appear. Least of all her darling boyfriend Jack, whose betrayal runs as deep as his fake tan.

Stuck in an ugly flannel PJ’s and aided by the unlikeliest of allies in the afterlife, Rosie’s investigation leads her to discover that life after death isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, but love after death isn’t just possible – it’s inevitable.

Waking up with what seems the worst hangover ever, Rosie Potter is shocked to discover that she is in fact dead! 

With her bedroom in disarray and her memory in tatters, all Rosie has to go on is the bullet-shaped hole in her head…
As reality sinks in and Rosie searches for answers, she finds help in Charlie (her brothers best friend) 
The Happy Ever Afterlife of Rosie Potter (RIP) sounded like such a unique concept, the blurb alone left me desperate to read the book and I’m so glad that I did, for Kate Winter has created a book that is slightly dark but oh so fun! 
Rosie is such a funny character, despite just discovering she is dead she stills manages to have some fun in the afterlife and she really comes into her own when she discovers her haunting abilities. 
I thoroughly enjoyed this book and found it to be a great light hearted read and the soppy side of me loved the moments that Rosie and Charlie spent together.
Charlie is chivalrous and charismatic, everything you would want in that one person who can listen to you! 
A great read packed with humour, romance and intrigue! 



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