Catch Me If You Cannes (Part 3) by Lisa Dickenson

Things could not be going better between Jess and Leo. Every moment they spend together is lovely and sunkissed and full of anticipation. Jess hasn’t felt like this in a very long time and she doesn’t want it to end. Sure, Leo is a bit vague about certain areas of his life but that doesn’t mean anything . . . 
Suddenly Jess’s perfect holiday romance isn’t looking so great and she has a choice to make – should she ignore what Bryony is telling her and keep living the dream. Or should she run the risk of losing Leo in order to prove her friend wrong?
After a week in Cannes Jess and Bryony are caught up in the atmosphere and potentially a few white lies. As Bryony embarks on a big interview, Jess finds herself getting closer to Leo and what she hopes is the truth…
Ok, so there is no doubt that the third part of Catch Me If You Cannes will leave you with your heart racing and your brain in overdrive.
What is the deal with Leo and Harvey? Who is Bruno? 
So many questions and only part four can bring me the answers.
I am still absolutely LOVING the friendship between Jess and Bryony. They are a great duo to read about and  definitely two people I would love to go drinking with.
Someone I wouldn’t like to go drinking with is Cameron (Jess’s brother) even a phonecall with him made me want to scream. I understand now more than ever why Jess wanted to have an adventure and escape her comfort zone.
Speaking of comfort zones… I could happily imagine myself lazing on Leo’s superyacht, sipping cocktails and watching him walk around without a shirt on.
I LOVE HIM SO SO MUCH! And so what if I don’t know everything about him, he likes Nutella and treats Jess right, isn’t that enough…
I am obsessed with this series. I crave every part with the eagerness and excitement of a celeb spotter at Cannes and I will be bereft when I reach that final paragraph

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