Catch Me If You Cannes (Part 4) by Lisa Dickenson 


Just one week ago, Jess was safely tucked away in her quiet seaside home, running her cafe and not really doing much of anything. So what on earth has happened between then and now that has her stealing a superyacht from Cannes marina?

Leo. Leo happened.

Jess doesn’t want to believe what everybody is saying about him. He’s her Leo, with his lazy smile, soft kisses and firm hugs, and she knows he’s a good man. But she can’t deny that something isn’t quite right so she just needs some time to figure things out. All Jess did was fall in love with a boy who liked Nutella. How has it come to this?

 Part 4 

A huge thank you to Clara at Little Brown for sending me a copy to review!

My Thoughts:

Out of these reviews this one has been the hardest to write, not only am I trying to work out what I can say about the fourth and final instalment of Catch Me If You Cannes without ruining the conclusion to this AMAZING series, but also because it feels like I’ve just said goodbye to friends.

Closing the pages on Jess, Bryony, Leo and Harvey was bittersweet, over the past 4 weeks I have laughed, loved and swooned with them and now it’s back to reality for us all as we leave Cannes. 
Thankfully Dickenson has made sure that all my questions were answered and I wasn’t left sobbing into my Nutella wondering what had happened, that being said I would absolutely love to be reunited with the gang for more excitement and sunshine.

I’ve said it all along but Jess and Bryony have a fantastic friendship, they are open with each other and there is no denying that they only want what’s best for each other.     

Yes admittedly sometimes their imaginations run away with them, but hands up whose doesn’t?  I’m often known to be living out the fantasies of books in my imagination and yes I’m not going to lie, I did believe I had spent the night with Leo on the superyacht.             In fact throughout this series, I have walked the red carpet, gambled at the casino, partied in the same place as celebrities and stolen a superyacht. 

This is because Dickenson has the ability to pull you into a story and make you feel like you are there living along with the characters.

Her words are not just descriptive but they are witty and filed with a warmth that radiates like the sunshine.

Every book leaves me longing for more and with no doubt that Lisa Dickenson belongs on my favourites list.

I can’t recommend this series enough! 



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