Perfect Daughter by Amanda Prowse

Perfect Daughter by Amanda Prowse

Once upon a time, Jacks Morgan had dreams.

She was going to have a successful career and travel the world. She would own a house on the beach, and spend long nights with her boyfriend strolling under the stars.

But life had other ideas. First Martha came along, then Jonty. Then Jacks’ elderly mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and had to move in. Now their little terrace in Weston-super-Mare is bursting at the seams.

Jacks’ dreams were put on hold long ago. But if she can save up enough to give her teenage daughter a bright future, then all her sacrifice will be worth something… won’t it?

In Perfect Daughter you find yourself in Jacks world. A world where her dreams are lost and every day she feels a bit more of her mother is lost to her. But Jacks isn’t just a daughter, she is a wife and a mother too and these facts just add to the feelings that she has building up inside.

Amanda Prowse has the ability to take tough issues and centre your world around them, she manages to encapsulate the emotion and empathy that is needed and allow your imagination to be there right with the characters within the pages.

Jacks pulled my emotions in every angle, I wanted to cry with her, love with her and honestly there were also times when I was infuriated with her.

Despite everything that is going on she has a fantastic family and a wonderful husband.

In Pete, Jacks has found a husband who is also her best friend, he will do anything for his wife and family. Pete is a lovable character and his relationship with his children in particular Martha, is beautiful!

One of the things that I always love about a Prowse story is that no matter how hard the issue might be there are always elements of light and joviality, because let’s face it life can be hard and sometimes in the hardest of times there is still a reason to smile.

Jonty was one of those reasons to smile, I loved some of the things he came out with and how he used to hold on to his school requests until the last minute.

I can’t recommend Perfect Daughter enough, buy this book because you know it’s going to be an incredible story!


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