The Years of Loving You blog tour (A Ella Harper Novel) 

What if your first love was your only love?

When Molly is diagnosed with a life changing illness, it feels like her whole world has come crashing down. She hopes the news will make her marriage to Sam stronger. But why does Molly always call best friend Ed in a crisis?
Ed. The very same Ed that Molly fell in love with at a party when they were teenagers, underneath a star-filled sky. Then life took them in very different directions. They could only ever be friends.

Suddenly Molly starts to question every decision she’s ever made. What if they could turn back the clock? Back to the very beginning. When the only certainty they shared was each other …

As part of The Years Of Loving You blog tour I wanted to share with you a letter to great love, now I have to admit when it comes to romance I can’t speak of a great love unfortunately mine have been not so great.

But one thing I am truly blessed with is parents who have that great love which everyone should strive for so after sharing with them my idea they agreed to share with you a letter to their great love; each other!

Dear Colin 

                    I am writing to tell you how much I love you, 
Who would’ve guessed all those years ago that on the first night we met (in 1978) you had told me you were going to marry me one day and my response was to just smile.

True to your word we got engaged on 11th of June of that same year, this special days that already meant something to you.

We were married that September despite hearing people say it wouldn’t last, that we had rushed things and didn’t know each other well enough.
What did they know, we proved them all wrong because here we are 37 years later and I love you more now than I ever thought possible. 
Things haven’t always been a bed of roses we have come across a few thorns along the way and as they say what doesn’t break you makes you stronger, we have certainly proved this to be true.
I love you for being my best friend, a fantastic father to our two children and a wonderful granddad to our beautiful granddaughter. I also want to thank you for being the most loving and passionate man I could ever have hoped to meet 

                        Yours forever 

                                  Rachaell      xxxxxxxxx 

My Darling Shell

I just wanted to reply to your recent letter. It seemed strange reading your thoughts and feelings in a letter format.
I don’t know about you but it certainly evoked memories of a bygone age and it reminded me of the wonderful moment we met and the good and bad times we have shared over the years.
I really did propose to you the night we met and although you humoured me I do feel you would have sent for white coated medic’s if I’d started to behave in a strange fashion. You must have recognised the goodness in my heart, in fact I think you recognised it before I did.
We married quickly and the prophets of doom said we would repent at leisure, but we didn’t, we never regretted getting together. Our love grew stronger and we formed a formidable team when we were challenged. We gave each other strength and we fought side by side against some very strong adversary’s, our love enabled us to emerge from these battles bruised but never ever beaten.
We have been blessed with two great children and a beautiful granddaughter and I often sit and thank the lord for letting us find each other and allowing us to build our beloved family. We have been together since 1978 and my love for you is stronger today than it was yesterday and it will no doubt be even stronger tomorrow.

I love you so much and I will love you forever. Your darling Colin



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