The Revenge by Holly Martin

He was created to be her back up and now he’s out to take her place
After the Oraculum orders Eve’s execution, she has to flee her home in the fort as those that have been guarding over her are forced to turn against her. Amongst the chaos, a new Sentinel is named. Adam, Eve’s half-brother.
Adam has spent his life incarcerated by the Oraculum while Eve was allowed to grow up with a family and friends. Now he is hell bent on revenge. He rules over his Guardians and his new kingdom with arrogance and a cold heart, but his one ambition is to make Eve’s life a living hell. Nowhere is safe from him, not even her dreams.
With the threat from the Putarians moving closer, her own Guardians betraying her, the survival of the world hinges in the balance.
Above all else, Adam must be stopped. But when Eve has a prophecy of her and Adam saving the world together, she quickly realizes she needs to work with him not against him.
But can Eve get through to Adam before it’s too late? Or will Adam’s evil heart result in the destruction of all?

I don’t know how to write this review. It’s hard to talk about a book that you love so much without ruining any part of the story. And the truth is that every twist and turn is something that the reader deserves to discover first hand.

I honestly didn’t believe that The Sentinel series could get any better. But then I picked up my copy of The Revenge and was blown away! 

I don’t know how Holly Martin has done it!

From the first page I was thoroughly gripped to the point where this book consumed me…. And I loved every freaking minute of it!

The Revenge sees us returning to the fort with Eve and her guardians and this is where we find life getting weirder. Following the news about Eve’s brother Adam. With this turn of events the story takes us on a page turning journey that had me experiencing every emotion going.

On the edge of my seat

I won’t lie there were times when I found myself feeling frustrated. Purely because I needed to know what was going to happen, the suspense was intense.

I loved every minute of being reunited with Eve and her guardians. Catching up with the many relationships that are formed and learning more about the abilities they share.

But as with every instalment of this series my love for Lucas has grown. I am still amazed by the connection he has with Eve, something that proves invaluable at times. There is something so deep rooted about their connection that I still find myself waiting for a secret to be revealed. Which is likely to be wishful thinking on my part.

To sum it up this book is incredible. If you haven’t started this series then you need to do so now. And if you have, why are you reading this review and not The Revenge????

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