My Mystical Wonderland: Art Therapy Colouring Book for Creative Minds by Eglantine De la Fontaine

101 dreamy designs from the artist who brought you “My Magical Oasis.” Fiery dragons and ethereal unicorns, noble stags and serene white swans . . . the tangled forests of “My Mystical Wonderland” are home to every kind of creature that you can imagine and a few that are beyond your wildest dreams. Can you color between the lines to bring the fairy tale to life? Filled with symmetric patterns and free-flowing doodles, this lavish coloring book for grown-ups provides a perfect antidote to the stresses and strains of everyday life. Whatever your age or artistic ability, all you really need to unlock your inner-creative is a set of pencils or inks if you prefer and a little imagination. So relax, unwind and prepare to escape to a mystical realm where anything is possible, whilst creating beauteous colored prints you ll want to keep forever.”

A big thank you to Plexus for sending me a copy to review!

Last year I discovered adult colouring books and the ability they have to pull you away from everything around you.

My Mystical Wonderland is the 2nd book I have in this range, My Magical Oasis being the first.
Once you open up the eye catching cover you will discover a world of bold images on quality paper.

The images are a collection of beautifully created flowers, patterns and mystical creatures. I’m in love with the unicorn and can only hope that my colouring will do it justice! 

A truly beautiful book that will whisk your mind away to a world of relaxation. 


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