Friction Free Shaving

I have always been quite dangerous when it comes to shaving my legs. And have often found myself with razor burns and cuts all over them, which really doesn’t make for a good summer look.

I’ve tried electric shavers and found they leave my legs feeling bumpy and un-smooth. Supermarket and branded razors have often left me looking as though I had a fight with the razor and sadly the razor won. And I’ve also tried shaving foams, creams and many lotions and potions to help me achieve a smooth cut free leg but all to no avail.

In the end, I went with the realisation that it was my own ineptitude that meant I was not to be trusted with anything other than hair removal cream.

That was until I noticed social media bubble up with excitement over FFS, now I have to admit I was often to be found mumbling FFS after shaving but not for the reason I now find myself talking about FFS for.

Friction Free Shaving is a monthly/bimonthly subscription service with SHAVIOURS costings £3, £5 and £7 depending on the type of blade you require.


Being slightly cautious and wondering how much damage I could create with a five blade. The pretty pink triple bladed Frankiepullingg me in with its cries of ‘pick me, you’ve never met a razor like me’.And although the razors voice may have been my mind playing tricks on me, everything it said was true.


When my first box came through the letterbox I was eager to see what the fuss was about. Inside the box, I found the pretty pink handle waiting with four blades marked Week One – Week Four.
*Next months subscription will contain four blades and a mystery gift.
I added Week One’s blade to the handle and went off to attempt my mission.
Armed with my shaviour and a shop branded shaving foam I went in pursuit of smooth legs…..
I don’t know whether the FFS comes with magical fairies who help glide the blade. Or whether it was the fact that for the first time I had a substantially weighted shaver. But I left the bathroom with smooth legs that had no cuts and were hair free.


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