CSX Fitness watch and heart rate strap

I won’t lie my only experience with fitness watches is from using a fitbit, so when I was asked to review the CSX Heart Rate Monitor Watch with Chest Strap I jumped at the chance.

What the company says:

EASY TO READ LARGE DIGITAL DISPLAY – Continuous ECG accurate heart rate and percentage of your max HR during exercise. Comfortable wireless 5.3KHz chest strap sensor included. For men and women
EFFICIENT FITNESS TRAINING – 3 automatic calculated target zones, 1 user defined zone, automatic max heart rate by birthday, user defined max heart rate. Combined with LED and beep indicator ensure you are exercising at the right intensity for your personal goals
IMPROVE YOUR PERFORMANCE – Monitoring workout data. Time within / above / below training zone, highest / lowest / average heart rate pulse (bpm), Calories and Fat burned, training timer, stopwatch and countdown timer
AVOID OVER TRAINING – Post Workout Fitness Recovery Timer displays your current fitness level. Prevents you from over training
INCLUDES PDF BOOK “Heart Rate Monitor Training.” – 12 x Training Workouts, how to: use heart rate zones to achieve your fitness goals, prevent over training and get the most from your HRM. PLUS CSX World Class Customer Support. Downloadable Large Print Instructions and Demonstration Setup Videos. Includes 18 Months Warranty

The following is my personal opinion of the CSX Watch:

The watch arrived the day after I placed my order and I was excited to see that it was a secure watch strap. I had a flick through the instructions and was slightly confused by the initial setup so it was a relief to discover that there are a series of tutorial videos available. These are great for showing you what your watch can do and will also help guide you through the steps to set it up.
Once the watch was set up and synced to my age, gender and weight it was time to start using it.

The watch is comfortable to wear and the user interface is easy to navigate around and read. In comparison to my fitbit I much prefer the feel of the CSX because it is secure and everything is instantly viewable on the screen.

The Heart Rate aspect of the watch is used along with the accompanying belt which can also be found in the box. The belt is worn just under your chest and needs to make contact with your skin, I would recommend that you use water to help with this.

Wearing a belt directly under my bra was something that I was a little concerned would feel strange and possibly move during my workout, although it did feel slightly alien at first within a few minutes I almost forgot it was there and was able to exercise without any problems.

Winning facts about this watch:

It is comfortable to wear.

There is help with setting it up.

The heart rate monitor will alert you to the fact that your heart rate is higher than it should be via both sounds and lights.

It shows the calories and fat burned during your workout.

The display is large and easy to read.

I first tried the black CSX watch and found that it felt bulky on my wrist but the pink one seems to fit better and feels as if it is made for smaller wrists. If this watch came complete with a step counter I would use it instead of my fitbit because  it looks and feels better.

Other CSX products can be viewed here http://www.csxpro.co.uk/products/


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