The Dreamday Pattern Journals from Laurence King

Laurence King has combined notebooks and intricate colouring pages to bring us the beautiful Dreamday Pattern Journals.

Stylish and practical in equal measure, The Dreamday Pattern Journals, published by Laurence King, fuse the everyday practicality of a notebook with the stress-busting benefits of colouring in. Each luxe notebook contains over 100 pages of uncoated ivory paper intertwined with intricately patterned colouring pages, each inspired by an iconic design location.

The 2016 Journals come in both Japanese and Moroccan styles. And with five different colours and patterns in each style, there really is something for everyone.

Choose from:

Marrakech – Moroccan Style • Mid-Century Modern – Scandinavian Design
Art Deco – Manhattan • Heraldic – Paris • Renaissance – Florence

I absolutely adore these notebooks and have found them great for to do lists, brain storming and writing down my thoughts. I love the fact that when I am feeling stressed I can spend time colouring in a patterned page and enjoy colour therapy.

Everything about these books screams luxury, from the quality of the paper to the texture of the cover.

The title alone evokes a sense of calm at the thought of putting your dreams down on paper. And then when you delve within the pages of this luxurious journal you find that it allows your creativity to flow.

These books are so much more than a notebook, they are a DREAMbook!


The Dreamday Pattern Journal is a new concept in luxury stationery. Each journal contains patterned pages for colouring-in and doodling interleaved with blank pages for taking notes and drawing. Each has a visual theme associated with a particular period or place, whether Renaissance Florence, 1920s Manhattan or Mid-Century Scandinavia. 

Composed of cream and grey stocks and featuring coloured endpapers, richly patterned covers and a bellyband. The journals are a perfect blending of the traditional blank journal and the current craze for colouring-in books. This is a series that can be used as beautiful, functional stationery. With each volume offering a unique personal notebook with your own designs and colouring.

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