The Duff

Every high school loves their labels. But when Bianca’s (Mae Whitman) world is shattered from the discovery that her entire school knows her as ‘The DUFF’, she enlists slick but charming Wesley (Robbie Amell) to help shed her label and overthrow the school’s mean girl Madison (Bella Thorne).
As Bianca delves deeper, she begins to discover that nothing is as it once seemed. Friendships are lost, relationships questioned and could her all-time crush, Toby, (Nick Eversman) be in on the game too? In a race to right these wrongs. Bianca sets out on a one-woman mission to uncover the DUFF within everyone, even Madison, with hilarious consequences.

The DUFF is a feel good movie that will resonate with many of its viewers. Because let’s be honest we all have an inner DUFF.

‘The DUFF: Designated Ugly Fat Friend’

Mae Whitman plays the socially awkward Bianca and the decision to cast her was pure brilliance. It was as if this character was created for her.

I found it refreshing to discover a character like Bianca for she is feisty, spirited and full of wonderfully witty one liners. 

“Every group of friends has one…and if you  don’t know who it is chances are, it’s probably you.” —Wesley

But not all of the humour comes from Bianca. There are several great characters within this movie and one who provides an element of hotness is none other than high school jock Wesley.

It is Wesley who informs Bianca of her DUFF status and then agrees to teach her in the ways of the unDUFF. I really liked the dynamics of these two characters. But unfortunately, just like in real life, not everyone can be nice. And that’s when you get to the core of the story, thanks to ‘mean girl’  Madison and her underhand tactics.

The DUFF explores bullying in today’s society and tells of the vitriol that bullies spread with the aid of the Internet.

Despite the light heartedness of the movie the message is clear and shares in the high school angst that many face.

I would highly recommend this movie, it speaks to generations and features a refreshingly quirky lead.



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