Prosecco with PopaBall

When I’m on holiday, out with friends or catching up with family if alcohol is on the agenda then my drink of choice tends to be cocktail related.

Bellini is one of my favourite champagne-based cocktails and very simple to make it.

A classic Bellini:

A chilled Champagne flute
1 tbsp chilled white peach purée
Chilled prosecco
Put the peach purée in the bottom of the Champagne flute and half fill with prosecco. Stir well, allow the froth to subside, then top up with the prosecco.

However, if like me you tend to always have a bottle of prosecco in the house but not peach or strawberry puree then you will be pleased to hear that PopaBall has got you covered.

About PopaBall:

We sell bursting juice filled bubbles, which you add to your favourite cold drinks. Add a spoonful to your drink, suck them up through the chunky straw included in each box, bite and feel them burst with juiciness! Great in cordials, cocktails and prosecco!

I recently purchased the prosecco duo pack which contains:

Srawberry PopaBall

Peach PopaBall


I am new to the whole bubbles in my drink idea since I have never tried bubble tea> Which meant that I didn’t know what to expect. So I have to admit it felt a bit strange at first, especially putting a straw into a champagne glass. But they really do add flavour to your drink and watching the little balls dance around in the bubbles adds to the effect.
I did, however, ditch the straw which didn’t change the effect of the PopaBalls.

Out of the two flavours, I found the peach one to be my favourite.

I would recommend these for special occasions and parties, as they certainly do create a talking point and add something different to your normal drinks.

If you don’t like the sound of peach or Strawberry then why not pop along to the website where you will find a great variety of flavours just waiting to be tried.

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