Top three iPhone cases.

Lets talk iPhone cases, below you will find my top three cases:

Casemate, Glam Case:

Firstly the packaging of this product is very pretty and would make a great gift. Once into the box the case can be found in two parts. Place your phone onto the back plate and then clip the bumper around the edges, make sure the sides are sealed and voila.

The case itself feels great to touch with its smooth finish and sparkly exterior, this really is a beautiful phone case that will protect your phone.

It has a raised front and back which means that neither the screen nor camera will hit anything on impact, the case itself will take the brunt and the raised back means when lay flat the camera does not come in contact with the surface. Despite the fact that it is raised it does not add a lot of bulk or weight to the phone and allows the phone to look super pretty whilst being protected from scratches and falls.

Pitaka, Aramid Case:

81+IIJXo1QL._SL1500_The Pitaka Aramid case feels smooth to grip and offers an almost silk like finish. It fits the phone like a glove which means that it adds no bulk or weight to the phone and keeps the sleek design of your iPhone intact.

The case weighs 12 grams and is 0.03 inches thick, now you might think with measurements like this that it wouldn’t offer much protection but you would be wrong; thanks to the Aramid material the phones back is completely protected from scratches, bumps and scraps.
And you don’t need to worry about the front of your phone because Pitaka have also provided a tempered glass screen protector.

But the thing that shocked me the most about this case is that my phone seems to work better. I’ve always had a case on my phone and it never crossed my mind that the thickness or material of it could be stopping me from getting the best signal out of my phone.

Melkco Kubalt Double Layer Case

51o3Raal5+L._SL1225_This case looks and feels amazing. The inner part of the case is a white silicone cover and the outer part is a hard bright pink plastic.

My phone feels well protected within the cases and I love the fact that the front is raised so if the phone is dropped the case will take the impact.
The back of the case is also raised so that the cut out section for the camera won’t come into contact with surfaces when the phone is placed on its back.

The silicone casing allows access to all phone ports and covers the phones buttons with a hard silicone trim.

Despite the fact that this case is double layered it doesn’t add lots of weight to the phone and still keeps the stylish look of the much loved iPhone and offers added protection to the screen thanks to the supplied tempered glass screen protector.


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