Married by Christmas by Scarlett Bailey

Anna has been planning her Christmas wedding day since she was 9 years old and nothing is going to stop her from having the day she’s dreamt about for so long, not even the fact that the groom forgot to mention he is ……. already married.
With Tom the groom not jumping to the rescue of their big day, Anna takes it upon herself to jump on the first plane to New York City, in search of Tom’s wife and the annulment that will get everything back on track.
What she wasn’t expecting on the flight was to be sat next to Miles, a man she went on one date with years back and vowed never to see again.

Anna is a likable character albeit a bit neurotic. But behind all her lists and plans we do get to discover the real Anna.
Even in her panicky state before leaving the UK she issues best friend Liv with a list of all the wedding preparation still to be done.

Liv is the character that I think has the purest heart. She’s always trying to put Anna first, even from a young age.
We discover a secret about Liv and with that we learn the extent that she would go to for Anna. Liv is also the reason why Anna has Tom in her life.

What can I say about Tom, he seems nice enough but something about him disappointed me, why wouldn’t he fly to NYC to find HIS wife.

It all worked out for the best though because if he had pf gone, Anna wouldn’t of sat by Miles.

Now Miles, from his description he sounds gorgeous. But he is also a genuinely good guy. His first instinct when they get off the plane is to make sure Anna is OK. That she is safe and has somewhere to sleep.
He is in New York to follow his dream but at times this goes on the back burner so he can help Anna.
(I would love to know if Miles was based on a real person, to know that men like that exist)

The setting for the book is New York at christmas which makes it that bit more magical and romantic.

But the main word to describe this book is amazing. The characters grip you and even though I had an idea of how it might end I wanted to see how it was going to play out. Even with it ending similar to what I was expecting it was much more magical than I could ever of imagined.

Along with the romance and magic of the story were some real laugh out loud moments. Quite a few of these moments came from Angela ‘The mum’. I would never expect a christmas eve talk to go like that.

But one of my favourite chapters has to be when Anna and Miles are in a club. This made me laugh and at one point it even got an awww.

If you can’t get away this Christmas. Treat yourself to a copy of ‘Married by Christmas’ its a holiday for the mind!

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