Introducing B…

Allow me to introduce you to B, my fur baby and partner for Pets Corner.
When my dad found out that his cancer had turned terminal he didn’t sit down and create a bucket list. Or talk about all the things he wished he had done, Instead he made a plan…
He talked about how he would like his funeral, the memorial service he would like for his students. And how it was now time to open our hearts once again to a furry family member.
Growing up, my brother and I were lucky enough to have a wonderful Staffordshire Bull Terrier called Tara. She was loving, playful, energetic and a big part of our family. When we lost Tara it took us a long time to contemplate getting another dog. I think deep down we were all worried of facing the hurt that losing her had brought.
With his news looming over us a family my dad took to the internet and researched breeds. Our needs as a family had altered some and with this in mind we were now looking for a dog that didn’t need as much walking. Dad narrowed down his breeds, contacted breeders and soon we were thinking more and more about getting a dog.

Unfortunately my dad passed away on the 13th of May, four days after his funeral we went to collect our new family member.

I often wonder if my dad had an inkling, that this was why he was so adamant. In those days after his funeral we found ourselves lost. We had no arrangements to focus on, nothing to keep us distracted from our grief… Then suddenly we were cuddling a tiny Shih Tzu puppy and getting caught up in doing things for her.
She is a mischievous, playful puppy who makes us smile daily. She has quite a few traits similar to Tara and loves to play with her toys, watch the bees in the flowers and play in the rain. When I look at her I feel nothing but love. She adds some sunshine to our darkest days and I know my dad would’ve been absolutely besotted with her.

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