T.H Baker – Rosa Lea Feathers Necklace

There is something that draws me in whenever I see items that feature feathers. I don’t know if it is the old adage about feathers being linked to spirality or whether it is because deep down I feel like feathers symbolise flight and the journey we can all go on. But whatever it is the feather as a symbol always seems to bring with it some sort of serenit

So imagine my joy when I discovered that T.H Baker are selling the Rosa Lea Silver Pave Feather Pendant for £54.95

This beautiful sterling silver necklace and pendant are both elegant and intricate in design. The pendant offers a good sized feather which isn’t heavy to wear and sparkles due to the cubic zirconia that adds to the detailing.

The ideal accompaniment to any outfit this necklace can work anytime of the day adding extra sparkle to an already glam outfit or bringing some elegance to a casual daytime

About T.H Baker


T.H. Baker was founded in 1888 as a family-owned business and has since established itself as a leading independent jeweller whilst still remaining within the family. T.H. Baker has a network of popular stores across the UK. In all that time, it has remained a company that prizes quality, value and service above all.


The company’s rich heritage has provided a solid foundation on which to build today’s T.H. Baker, which retains the same traditional values but continually looks to expand in new and exciting ways.This includes giving T.H. Baker an online platform to showcase only the best jewellery and watches. As an authorised dealer, we seek to bring the same quality of customer service and product to shoppers online.

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