Dear Santa

Dear Santa

I remember finding these letters so much easier to write when I was younger but sadly the Argos catalogue is no longer an inspiration when it comes to things I want.

Honestly I have thought a lot about this and I know I can’t ask for you to bring my dad back or world peace. And lets be honest that year I asked for a Ferrari boat was an epic fail. So this year I decided to ask for things that I would like and need.

Items i have my eye on

  1. Camera, I adore my iPhone 8 plus but I do feel that a camera would be great in helping me up my photography game. Plus I keep toying with the idea of making videos for products and places and I think this would help me immensely.
  2. Disney Backpack: Now let’s be honest Santa you know how unique my style is! I don’t mind that not everyone my age is into Disney but oh i love it so and between Primark and the Disney Store I am currently lusting after so many Disney bags.
  3. Pandora Charm: I love adding to my pandora collection. There is something so special about receiving a charm from someone and discovering why they chose that specific one.
  4. Pyjamas: I”ll admit the first thing I do when i get home and know that I don’t have to go back out is throw on my night clothes. I absolutely love all the different ranges that are currently on the market but we both know Disney and Harry Potter are always a hit!
  5. Hoodie: When I am sat at home in the winter typing up posts I often find that I am wearing leggings and a hoodie. So I would love a new hoodie to expand my casual wardrobe.
  6. Dresses: I love getting dressed up and going out, My go to outfit tends to be a cardigan and a dress. My favourite brands for dresses are Jack Wills, Apricot and Quiz. I adore the ones that have pockets (hint hint)

Finally and most importantly of all could you have a word with your friends and see if they can order a better 2018 for my loved ones.

Love to you and Mrs Claus.

Kirsty xxx

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