Someone mentioned to me recently that this year we would create new traditions as we face our first Christmas without my dad and this left me thinking about several things… why would we change things that we shared with our loved one, traditions that contain happy memories. I also found myself wondering what traditions other share.

My family Christmas traditions:

Christmas pyjamas are a must: Every person goes to bed in brand new pyjamas.

Christmas Eve presents: On Christmas Eve night we are all allowed to open one present that is under the tree. These are normally gifts from friends and family.

Food before fun: We don’t open presents until after breakfast. Christmas crumpets and a cuppa tend to be the breakfast of choice for me

Chocolate is a second breakfast: Christmas means selection boxes, so when it comes to second breakfast it has to be Chocolate

Swapsies: A tradition my brother and I have is that we always swap an item from our selection boxes. It tends to be my Curly Wurly for his Fudge.

My boyfriends family traditions:

Christmas Eve meal: On the Evening of Christmas Eve, Chinese food is ordered for all the family.

Boxing Day presents: The majority of presents are opened on Christmas Day. However, there are also presents to be opened on Boxing Day.

Socialising with friends: Adam and his friends always meet up on the 23rd for Christmas drinks and a catch up. This means that they aren’t hungover for Christmas day.

I asked a few friends and family about their traditions and they told me the following

My aunt will always put her decorations up on the 1st of December without fail. She also enjoys a full english breakfast on both Christmas and Boxing Day.

One of my friends will not open any presents until after the Queens speech.

Another friend will open one present after mass on Christmas Eve and then the rest after Mass on Christmas Day.

What are your Christmas traditions leave a comment below.

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