9: Oh Christmas Tree


Your boughs so green in summertime
Stay bravely green in wintertime
O tannenbaum, o Christmas tree
How lovely are thy branches

I find Christmas a magical occasion, I get excited when the lights go up and town and I adore seeing the Christmas trees around the cities and in family and friends homes. So today I decided to share images of some of the gorgeous Christmas trees I’ve seen out and about as well as online.

Trafalgar Square, London.

The giant Norwegian spruce has been an annual gift to London from the people of
Norway since 1947, in recognition of Britain’s support during the Second World War.

The tree stands at 25-metre (82-foot) tree and is illuminated with hundreds of lightbulbs set in vertical strings of light.

Rockefeller Centre, New York City

For over eight decades, the Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center and the holiday
decorations adorning and surrounding have stood as a holiday beacon for New Yorkers and visitors alike. From the beginning, the Tree was a gathering place and reflection of what was happening in the world around it. Even before the first formal tree went up, workers lined up beneath a Christmas tree on the Rockefeller Plaza construction site to collect their paychecks during the height of the Great Depression. People from around the world came after September 11th to see the Tree decorated in a patriotic red, white and blue. Today, more than half a million people pass by the Tree every day, making Rockefeller Center the epicentre of New York City’s holiday celebrations.

Coventry City Centre:

Whilst in Coventry this week I saw some truly beautiful trees, From the pretty one with the parcels in Cosy Club to the Bauble tree hanging in the shopping centre and finally, let’s not forget the red and green one in the Christmas Market.


From the beautiful tree by St Pauls Cathedral to the chocolate tree at Cadburys World, there are some fabulous trees to be seen in Birmingham this year.


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