21: Christmas Tag

Today for Blogmas I have been invited to take part in the Christmas tag by the lovely Jenni at Good Pieces In Life
The questions

1. What’s the traditional Christmas Dinner in your household?
In our house we have the traditional roast Turkey for Christmas dinner.

2. Have you ever bought a present for someone else and then kept it for yourself?
No, but I have loved something that I was buying someone that much that I purchased myself one at the same time,

3. Favourite Christmas song?
This question is really hard…. I have a top 10 but if I really had to narrow it down to just one it would be Mariah Carey ‘All I Want for Christmas’

4. Favourite part of Christmas?
Spending time with those I love and watching people open the gifts that I have got them.

5. Would you prefer Christmas in the winter or summer?
I couldn’t imagine Christmas in the Summer, I think my brain is programmed now to always link Christmas with winter and ideally snow. And truth be told that is how I like it.

6. Christmas or New Years?
I adore both but if I had to choose it would probably be Christmas because I see more family over the Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day than I do at New Year.

7. Do you like Christmas Jumpers?
I love them, I am sucker for Christmas jumpers so much so that  I must have a new one every year.

8. Do you still get excited for Christmas Day?
I love watching my niece open her present’s on Christmas Day and that excites me.

9. Favourite Christmas film?
Santa Claus the Movie is a film I have to watch every Christmas along with Miracle on 34th Street.

10. Did you/ Do you believe in Santa?
Yes and as I have got older I have realised that we all carry a little piece of the spirit of Santa with us, it is the gifts that we share and the Christmas cheer everywhere.

11. Do you enjoy wrapping presents?
I love it, I put my Christmas music on, grab and drink and make wrapping an enjoyable experience.

12. Favourite Christmas Tree colour?
I love our Christmas tree it is white with rose gold decorations and so so pretty!

Thank you Jenni for the nomination, I now nomiante anyone who would like to take part and answer the Christmas tag!


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