23: Christmas tag with my niece.

Today I decided to ask my niece the questions that were in the Christmas tag. That way we can see Christmas from both an adults and a child’s perspective,

My answers can be found here

My nieces answers:

1. What’s the traditional Christmas Dinner in your house?
We have beef, turkey, roast potatoes, carrots, sweetcorn and mash potatoes. Then for pudding I have brownie or cheesecake. My favourite bit is the pudding and the meat.

2. Favourite Christmas song?
Last Christmas and All I want for Christmas Is You.

3. Favourite part of Christmas?
Opening presents.

4. Would you prefer Christmas in the winter or summer?  In the winter because we have more time to open presents when the weather is cold.
5. Christmas or New Years?

6. Do you like Christmas Jumpers?
Yes, especially ones with dogs on.

7. Are you already excited for Christmas Day?
Yes, because it is only two days away. Even if it was November I would be excited.

8. Favourite Christmas film?
The Grinch

9. Do you enjoy wrapping presents?
Sometimes, I don’t like wrapping them sometimes because I don’t get to keep them.

10. Favourite Christmas Tree colour?
White because it is snowy.


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