Love and Romance

With February looming and Valentines Day fast approaching I find myself yet again looking at ‘Love’ and Romance. Digging deep into my thoughts I find myself wondering what it epitomises for each and every one of us.

Now I’m not talking about the love we have for our friends, family, pets etc. But instead the love that we hear so often talked about. The love that comes with sharing your heart with a soulmate, a boyfriend, a girlfriend, a husband, a wife.

All consuming

This love which is often described in books as all consuming, heart skipping, butterfly creating love.

That is the crazy thing abut love, the different ways in which we feel it and express it. It is a beautiful thing to know that one heart can love so many people in different ways and still make room for others.

Growing up I was blessed to witness true love. My parents were “couple goals”… they loved being in each others company, sharing stories, holding hands and even finishing each others sentences. I didn’t have to watch movies to see the love I aspired to have. I just had to walk out of my bedroom door and I would feel it in the air, their love built our home, our family!

Throughout my single life I knew I wasn’t prepared to settle for anything less than what I had seen. I knew that there was love which would make you giddy and content, that was what I wanted.

LOVE and ROMANCE, like people, comes in all different shapes and sizes.

What sounds like a beautiful story to me could be someones worst nightmare. Some people go through their whole lives loving someone but not wanting to have them finish their sentences for fear of being predictable. Others will strive to have adventures every single day of their lives to experience constant excitement with the one they love.

Both Love and Romance are subjective, they are unique and that is where the mission begins.

In a world full of billions of people your search for the one can lead you to meet many people along the way. There maybe ones who don’t necessarily have the same goals and focus as you, making your quest seem more like for a needle in a haystack. But keep going because somewhere in this world is a person who is looking for the same love as you. The person who is looking albeit unaware for YOU.

Enjoy the journey, enjoy the days when you learn more about yourself than someone else. Enjoy taking in new experiences and having the time to work on the pieces of your life. And remember that whether single or loved up, your happiness is key.

Do what makes you happy in the main quest that we call LIFE!

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