A letter to my love

I have been blessed with a boyfriend who set the bar high when it comes to romantic gestures, a fete I think he is now regretting. I love that he spends time surprising me and shows how well he knows me (sometimes better than I know myself in fact). So with today being Valentine’s day along with his gifts, I decided to do something a little different,

Since I know that he reads everything I post. I wanted to write him a letter and truth be told if I put this in an envelope he wouldn’t open it (have you heard of a Dear John) so, my love this is for you…

My Amazing Adam

Thank you, thank you for being the love of my life, for showing me what true love is and making me want to work on a future. I don’t think either of us realised from that single swipe right, the impact it would have on our lives. Or the turbulent times we would face together in what some would call a short space of time. It doesn’t feel short to me, on paper, it is 14 months. However, my soul has known you forever, in fact, it was looking for you before my mind was.

You were with me as I said goodbye to my dad, you knew instinctively to hold me and let me cry. And you listened when I needed an ear and pulled me in when I tried to push you away. It was you who was my rock, my float in a sea of sorrow I was drowning in. But you weren’t just holding me up you were supporting my family too.  Proving you were to be the man who my dad had seen in you. The one he approved of, the man he entrusted with his baby girl.

Thank you for being you…

Medical professionals said dad hung on longer than they were expecting and several people have voiced the belief that this was so he could see me settled and in you, he found that. I love hearing how alike you and he are in your ways. I know you might find that odd but I looked at my parents as the ideal couple and I always wanted to meet a man like my dad. Of course, you have your differences, I mean your height, your lack of whisky drinking skills and your bad taste in football teams (just to name a few) But I know that the things you had in common, will mean that one day our children will have a dad as great as mine
I didn’t want a man like my dad for those reasons, it is only now as I look to the future with you that I realise how blessed my children and I will be to have you. Deep down I guess I wanted a man like my dad because he was my number one. I was always adamant that unless I could find someone with his great qualities I wouldn’t settle and then you came along. It felt as though you were here just for me, that someone somewhere had sent me my other half. Because that’s what you are, you are my other half. You are the one who encourages me and tells me to follow my dreams. You are the person who believes in me and made me believe in myself.
I love you today, tomorrow and always.
Kirsty xxx


  1. Shelly
    February 14, 2018 / 1:46 pm

    This had me in tears . So beautiful & beautifully written

    • loveandlifestyle
      February 23, 2018 / 7:39 pm

      Thank you xx

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