Wigging it with Divatress

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With celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Lady Gaga championing hairpiece’s and wig’s, today’s culture means that you can sport a new look almost instantly.

Have you ever wanted to try pink, purple or blue hair, fancied trying out a short bob but worried about cutting your luscious locks off? then why not try a wig.

Wigs (short for Periwig) have come along way since they were created by the ancient Egyptians to offer protection to shaved heads from the sun. Nowadays you can find wigs in all different colours, shapes and sizes. As well as finding wigs made from synthetic materials and human hair.

Gone are the days of noticing when somewhere is wearing a wig especially when you take into account that they now offer lace fronted wigs which allow for the hairline to be less visible, therefore making it more natural looking,

You can choose a wig to assist you with an everyday look, an evening look. And for actresses out there don’t forget your wigs for theatre. 

You can find good priced and quality made wigs at Divatress. The company that was named to signify beauty through hair.

“The Virgin Queen”, Queen Elizabeth I, was known for owning at least 150 wigs.

The most expensive wig ever auctioned off was one that belonged to Andy Warhol, which sold at $10,800.

The term “bigwig” originated during colonial times when it was mandatory that officials and aristocrats had to wear wigs. The bigger your wig, the higher your reputation.




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