The Most Romantic Places Around The Globe

Carving out romantic plans can be difficult, especially if you’re hoping to make them for a solid reason.

When it comes to a holiday in which you’ll propose, make your feelings known, or generally head out for the first time with the love of your life. You’ll want to make sure everything is planned well down to the minutiae of the visit.

For this reason, one of the most important things to get right is the location you visit. No matter who you are or what tastes you have, you’ll likely know that there are places that lend themselves well to romance or not.

For example, hiking up a volcano might be considered an awe-inspiring experience. But it’s not the main idea of a loving time for most people. This list will help you with a few ideas to help you experience the vacation you have been dreaming of for so long, with the person who means the most to you.


France is the land of love, and the hub of love there is Paris. This might sound like something you see on every ‘romantic getaway’ list, but it’s worth digging deeper into why this is. Put in the effort and it might help you make the most of your time here.

After all, romance is a curated experience and not something that will happen accidentally. It’s not as if you’ll accidentally fall into a chaperoned evening meal with your nearest and dearest (although this would be nice.)

The reason Paris is so adored is hard to pin down, but there are things you can do to truly make the trip worthwhile. There are many amazing restaurants here, from Gordon Ramsay’s to Marco Pierre White’s. AS well as awhole host of very small family run venues to gift you that intimacy in spades.

Here doves fly past the vineyards, and chocolate tasting sessions abound. Sensuality is primary in the French consciousness, meaning that this entire environment is set up for the picture perfect loving embrace.

France is also well versed in art both auteur, mainstream, and minimal. If you have any poetic leanings in any form of art, experiencing this with your lover in Paris could gift you an experience of plenty and wonder.


Of course, the USA is a massive landmass with many different states. So it can be hard to pin down ‘the most romantic’. However, if I was to suggest some, I would say:

  •  New England
  • Washington
  • New York
  • San Francisco

These places are certainly some of the most glamourous.

Of course, LA is more than worthwhile visiting, but the traffic and overpopulation might take away from the intimacy of your trip a little.

You might choose to head on a premium food tour (food is always the best way to someone’s heart,). Or head to Broadway and see many stage shows. There is also the possibility that you might follow your favourite comedian and become part of the improv show.

It might be that you head to Colorado and enjoy the hugely rocky nature plains there. Camping, driving, eating and experiencing the fineries of each venue you enter could be considered a great personal American adventure.

Just be certain that your esta travel visa is prepared for so they can pre-screen your application, as there’s nothing less romantic than being stuck in an airport waiting room for hours only to be rejected.


Australia is truly one of the pioneering beauties in the world. So much of the landmass undeveloped, meaning travelling on an Outback Safari could be the adventure you’re looking for. Not only that, but Australia takes its dedication to high-class art and fine dining extremely seriously.

  • Walking up the Sydney Harbour Bridge during an extreme hiking tour
  • Heading to the Opera house and taking time to fish for a day or two with your partner could be considered the perfect, low key, beautiful weather affair you need to propose or simply get closer to the person you adore so much.

There is also an intensely excellent extreme watersports scene in Australia. Meaning that if you and your partner have any interest in sports or getting active, you can experience some of the most fun to be had on shore together.

With these efforts, you can be sure that heading to your next beautiful destination with your partner is memorable. And that it is everything you’ll hope it is.

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