The wisdom of winter

With the UK facing its worst winter since 1991 thanks to Storm Emma and the Beast From The East, the country found itself almost at a standstill. Stores reported high sales of milk and bread, due to customers stockpiling the items in the event of being snowed in. Some people have even taken to Facebook’s marketplace offering loaves of bread for £50.

Roads were hazardous, schools were closed and public transport was running on limited or no service. All because the snow had hit the UK.

Now, as a born and bred Brit I can assure you that we are not used to this weather. Low temperatures and rain, that’s our standard winter, not 6 inches of snow. Yes, the snow is pretty. It can also be a lot of fun when you are building snowmen or sledging in it. But when you need to get to work, school etc and find yourself stuck it is a nightmare.

A community

Although the supermarkets were low in stock and some people were using this to their advantage on selling sites. I personally believe the snow showed the true nature of the people living in the UK. Taxi companies were ringing customers and checking if they needed provisions delivered (at cost). NHS staff were sleeping at work to make sure patients were being looked after. People with vehicles that could handle the snow easily were offering to chauffeur others to and from work. And the owner of Planet Fitness Scotland in Dalmuir opened up his gym for the homeless to be safe and warm as the temperatures dropped.

Despite the snow freezing our hands and feet, it showed the warm-hearted amongst us and that community spirit can still be strong.

I asked people on social media for their opinion on the snow. And what it did  (if anything) to their community, here are some of the responses:

Karen Burke – Facebook

The snow bought out the best in our community. People with 4 x 4 cars giving nurses and carers lifts to and from their shifts at hospitals and care homes. People visiting older neighbours to make  sure they were warm and stocked up with essential food supplies.

A guy from Castle Bromwich booked several cheap hotel rooms and took homeless people off the streets.

Then there are the idiots who think it funny to drive like lunatics, throw snowballs at passing buses and motorists. But all in all, I would say that the bad weather bought out the good people xx

Bethany – Young, Sick and Invisible

‘When it snows you have two choices, shovel or make snow angels’ ❄️

Personally I don’t like snow as it makes my illness flare up, not to mention the after affects are not being able to get to work.

We wasn’t hit badly where I was, but the ice was crazy.

Hayley – Devon Mama

I was a fan the first day but after that I’d had enough of being stuck inside to avoid the ice and not being able to get the car off the drive.

It showed me the best in our community though; farmers scraping the roads, 4 x 4 drivers giving lifts to people and so many people offering to help care workers, hospital staff etc get to work. It’s times like that I’m really proud to live here!

Pete – Household Money Saving

 It brought our community together. My friend’s mum slipped and broke her arm in the street, and a complete stranger took her to hospital. A local bus firm couldn’t do any long distance journeys, so on Facebook, their drivers offered to drive people around locally for free!

Lisa – Less Stuff

I wish it snowed more often. It was so quiet because there was no traffic and it slowed everyone down. There was time to smile at each other and something to smile about. I was grateful to have a roof over my head and warm dry clothes though, and worried for those that don’t have safe shelter.

Vicky – Being Tilly’s Mummy

I grew up in Germany and the winters there were always harsh with snow blizzards and feet of snow. But the weather we had on Friday actually scared me because as soon as the freezing rain hit a surface it just froze before your eyes. My local community were really good. You always get the people that inflate prices on stuff but mostly people offered help. A local coach company offered to collect things for the elderly and infirm and a bus driver offered to drive me home at the end of his shift if by bus didn’t turn up.

Nikki – The Mombie Diaries

I saw the good and the bad this week, it was lovely on the first day playing in it with my toddler but I saw so many people driving like idiots, two cars nearly crashed then stopped and almost had a punch up arguing who’s fault it was, it put me off driving anywhere as our street was just ice so I did go a bit stir crazy BUT on my local FB community groups I saw people donating clothes and bedding to the homeless, delivering hot meals to them, some opened their doors for those that couldn’t get accommodation as well as other companies offering services like chauffeuring which really was lovely to see. It was a bit of a mixed bag, although the first day the snow thawed the supermarket was like Christmas Eve, so full of people!

Amy – Amy lt

My 10 minute journey to work took 2 hours and when I arrived at the office, we were told to go home! I then couldn’t get into work for the next following 2 days. Don’t get me wrong, the snow was beautiful (for a day) but I’m ready for spring now and for the roads to be safe! –

Emily –  Campuccino’s coffee 

Snowed us in (image is owned by Campuccino’s coffee)

Kate – Ever After With Kids

All our shops have no food in – which could have been a disaster – but instead we have actually has a lot of fun being creative with whatever they do have in stock – baked bean curry anyone?

Sarah – Sunshine Sarah XO

It’s shit and I want it to go! Looks pretty when you don’t have to work in it or if you’re ill like me! 😷 UGH!   Community aspect: guys with shovels helping to push drivers out of a small side road whic had been totally snowed over – even the idiot Porsche driver who thought he could make it! LOL! Was good to see people helping others though 😊 xo

Kerri – Twitter @allthingskerri

I love the snow I love in a not very nice area but it was great to see kids of all ages out playing. All helping each other to make snowmen. I saw hood in people helping push cars or going to the shops for elderly but I also know the bad travel services basically stop and there’s little regard in some industries for why you can’t get to work.

Holly – Life Of A Blind Girl

As a blind person and a long cane user, it made it incredibly hard to get around independently as it covered up curbs, tactile paving and all the other landmarks i’d use on my routes. It was fun the first day but after that it made things very challenging

Tina – Simply-Shine

I saw an amazing post about a local taxi firm offering help to senior citizens or other vulnerable people. If they needed anything but couldn’t get out because of weather, the drivers could do gas or electric top ups, fetch food or collect prescriptions etc. Would only charge for items themselves. That was Panther Taxis Ltd Cambridge

Kara – Chelsea Mamma

Our community really rallied together. Yes we got out and enjoyed the snow but some of the guys with 4×4 cars headed out to take and collect doctors and nurses to the hospital. Our schools closed and the company that delivers the hot school meals donated them all to local homeless shelters and meals on wheels. We all helped clear paths and grit the pavements and my lovely neighbour offered us her house when our boiler packed up. 

Gemma Robinson – Facebook 

I’m brand side not blog but I was so touched to hear my elderly father had lots of neighbours knock the door to see if he was OK and if he had everything he needed in Plymouth. He lives alone and it really did restore my faith in humanity to know people had left the house to check on him.

Rebecca – My Girls and Me 

We love the snow, but that and the cold has caused our boiler to pack up completely. With our landlord saying we are not a priority(2 under 5 and one wirh sever asthma) my local community has all helped to get a plumber to see me and help us. I’ve never been more thankful of my town. 💖

Thank you to everyone who commented! 

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