HD brows at Malmaison

When I was invited along to the Spa at Birmingham Malmaison in the Mailbox. I jumped at the chance, not only was I excited to get my eyebrows done but also to discover the truth behind HD brows. As someone who has always liked their brows on the thinner and more natural side, I will admit I had visions of ending up with scouse brows which really wouldn’t have suited my pasty complexion.

The most recognised brow brand in the UK – offering more than just a treatment, this is an experience.  Completely bespoke. High Definition Brows are now available at Malmaison Spa.  £35 per treatment.

48 hours before

HD brows involve eyebrow tinting,  which means that you are required to attend at least 48 hours prior to your treatment for a patch test. Malmaison spa will give you a kit that allows you to carry this out at home. Within the kit you will find a patch test that you will need to apply above the crease in your arm, you use this exactly as you would a wash-off tattoo. Do not remove the patch yourself as this will be done at the spa.

On arrival

When I arrived at the spa I was shown into the relaxation room,  Which I can honestly say is the most tranquil, calming room I have ever been in. With soft lighting, bean bag chairs and peaceful music, you can see why it is called the relaxation room.

The Treatment

The treatment started with the beautician clipping my hair out of the way and then proceeding to carry out a consultation. Which was simply a series of questions whereby I was asked about allergies etc and how I would like my eyebrows to look, as well as what I would alter about them. After discussing things it was decided that we would have my left eyebrow mirror the shape of my right. This was because I have a tiny little mole nestled at the point of this eyebrow which has always meant that one brow looks more square compared to the other.

After the consultation, the tint was applied to my eyebrows. This part was extremely relaxing and over in minutes.

But then came the waxing, which was not as relaxing but still not unpleasant. Having had my eyebrows waxed previously I knew what sensation to expect. If anything the thing I find most annoying about waxing is how red the area goes afterwards.

Next was something that was completely new to me… threading. However, the strangest thing about this was the noise it made. I would say that the feeling resembles tweezing which is actually the next part of the treatment. Tweezers are used to remove any stray hairs that have evaded the wax and thread.


Once all four steps were completed my brows were finished off with an eyebrow pencil. Then it was time for the big reveal as I was shown the final result in the mirror. Instantly I loved the shape of my eyebrows.  However, I will admit that I preferred my eyebrows prior to the eyebrow pencil being used. Unfortunately once this was used I found my eyebrows to be a lot darker and this was more evident when the redness on the area had vanished.  Other than that the treatment that was carried out was something I loved.

HD brows are definitely something I will be having done again, thanks to them I now have brows that are the shape. They are also tinted to a colour that looks natural against my skin. And all of this with the added bonus of time to relax.

I was invited to a complimentary treatment by East Village PR, and Sam and Malmaison. All opinions are my own.
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