Why Warsaw should be your next romantic getaway destination

So you and your partner are looking to get away from the stresses of daily life, where should you go?

Well whatever popped into your mind, I’m sure it wasn’t Warsaw, the capital of Poland. Between it’s WWII horror stories and years spent behind the iron curtain, Warsaw doesn’t really stand out as a romantic city by any means.
Though that couldn’t be further from the truth. If anything, Poland’s growing economy has meant more luxurious brands have been making themselves comfortable in this Phoenix city, meaning an array of luxurious hotels, apartments and restaurants have opened their doors and have been proud to join Warsaw’s expanding day and night life.
Here are some reasons why you should consider Warsaw as your next destination for a romantic holiday away.

Luxury accommodation

Warsaw’s skyline has been low, apart from the looming Palace of Culture, up until the start of the 90’s when democracy was introduced. Since then, Warsaw’s skyline is quickly catching up with the likes of London or New York. A lot of the skyline is taken up by international, luxury names in the…

hotel industry.

Take for example the Marriott Hotel. A beautiful building based right in the heart of the city with a restaurant and cocktail bar looking out onto the bustling city below. Alongside glorious views, enjoy Marriott’s five-star spa, indoor pool and a fitness centre.

A nearby competitor of Marriott’s is the InterContinental Hotel. Another luxury gem that offers a panorama of Warsaw from amazing heights and a spa and indoor swimming pool that lets you look out onto the city as you lay back and enjoy not having to give a care in the world. Their suites are equipped with kitchenettes and large beds, so spacious you won’t want to leave your room! That is unless of course you want to clear your body and mind of negativity with a massage.

Apart from the luxury hotels (have a look at Hotel SixtySix for example) a simple flick through Booking.com will have thousands of modern and chic apartments to choose from that aren’t all that expansive and offer the privacy that your own home does. Whether you’re looking for a cosy one bedroom or a spacious penthouse, Warsaw has you covered.

Things to do

So how about some activities?

Things to make your days special? Well first of all, you have to take advantage of Warsaw’s green spaces, usually coupled with beautiful palaces and statues. Warsaw’s parks are the perfect places to take a romantic stroll or go for a picnic and enjoy the hideaways they are from the chaos of the city streets. Take for example the Lazienki Gardens and park where during the summer you can go to watch one of many Chopin’s live concerts and let the music calm your body and soul.

One of my favourite things to do however, was take a stroll through Old Town. Starting from the market square and finishing at the MultiMedia Fountain Park where you can watch a sound and light show during the late hours, or enjoy a drink at the Fontanna Restaurant that accompanies the fountains. Old Town has a very nostalgic and calming energy surrounding it, despite the international groups of tourists. Along the way, you may also find yourself finding a lovely cafe or restaurant to sit at and relax, or perhaps buy a Warsaw souvenir to remind you of Warsaw’s beauty.

During the winter, Old Town makes for some magical pictures, especially when the Royal Castle is peppered with a blanket of snow.

Go on, get that selfie!

Food in Poland is unique and very cheap, especially when you’re exchanging pounds to zloty. Warsaw is overflowing with restaurants and clubs to spend the night in. We even have chocolate restaurants lead by the world famous company Wedel. Any cuisine and any atmosphere you want, there will be a spot for that.
Or if you’re feeling adventurous, why not visit Marriott’s café and restaurant with a panorama view of the city? Or one of many Warsaw’s rooftop night clubs?
Even restaurants which will boast their luxurious food and service, are usually not that expensive. With a fancy meal for two, can cost no more than £40 for the night, including drinks.

So however you like your romantic break, either loud and crazy or calm and intimate. Warsaw will have you covered and you won’t struggle to find the ideal way to spend your time together your perfect way.


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