Not a one click wonder – The world of online dating!

With claims that by the year 2031 50% of all couples will have got together through the power of the internet, I find myself wondering….

when did online dating become the new offline dating?

When online dating was first launched in 1994, it carried with it a stigma. People couldn’t understand why you would want to meet a complete stranger from off the computer. But as times have changed the stigma has lessened. Which means that now more and more people are finding each other online.

As someone who met their boyfriend on a dating app, I am a strong advocate for online dating. I myself found it hard to pluck up the courage to speak to someone in a bar and found that online dating allowed me to open up more, but only once I found someone I felt a connection with.

However, when I was single I found the Birmingham dating scene awkward, I didn’t have the confidence to walk up to someone in a bar let alone a supermarket. My guard was permanently up and at times I am sure I came across as quiet and standoffish. I never allowed people to see the real me, which was something I made sure my boyfriend saw from the moment we met.

Dating scene

Online dating is now the largest single way in which relationships start in the UK and I personally believe that is because companies have put measures in place to make it safer. From verifying users to the ability to block a connection, the world of online dating has advanced.

Since the first dating site started over 20 years ago you can now find sites aimed at all niches. From pet lovers, to people in uniform and there is even one for clowns. You can be safe in the knowledge that you will find the best dating sites for you.


Whether you are in Oxford dating or Tayside dating remember these tips for meeting someone youve met online.

Make sure you meet in a public place, do not arrange to go to each others homes.

There really is safety in numbers and to be honest whether it is someone you have met in a bar or online, for a first date you should meet them in a public place. Meeting someone at their home can put your safety at risk.

Make sure you stay sober and safety conscious.

Alcohol can blur your judgement and on a first date you need your wits about you

Tell a friend or relative about your date.

Make sure you tell at least one person about your date. You should tell them where you are going, what time etc and give as much information about the person you are meeting as possible.

Sort your own travel out. Do not allow them to pick you up from your house.

Don’t make yourself reliant on someone you are yet to meet, until you know you can trust them!

Dating online isn’t really that different to dating offline, just be savvy and careful and remember whether you are in Birmingham, Manchester dating or Worcestershire dating you can find a place online to find your perfect match!

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