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Let’s talk brunch and more specifically the new brunch spot that has recently opened in Birmingham.

Wayland’s Yard – 42 Bull Street, B4 6AF

From the moment that you walk through the doors and are greeted by the fabulously friendly staff, you find yourself in what one can only describe as a tranquil hip brunch spot.

With eating areas that are conducive to socialising you instantly feel among friends and if you are lucky you might even get to meet Kobe, the furriest staff member of them all and one of the happiest dog.

Whats on the menu?

As a coeliac, I was delighted to discover that there was a wide range of dishes available on the menu that caters to my dietary requirements.

Starting with eggy bread – Egg dipped GF bread, homemade chilli jam, topped with grilled halloumi, fresh chilli and ketchup.

Now here’s the thing, I don’t like chilli but OMG this dish was amazing. It wasn’t overly spicy and the halloumi (I love halloumi) with the eggy bread was absolutely delicious.

This course was served with a split shot expresso and a flat white, made with a naturally processed Ethiopian from Rocko Mountain.cI have never tasted coffee like this, the flat white was neither bitter or sweet it was a good mix and a perfect accompaniment to the eggy bread.

Next came the Cayenne Sweet Potato Salad, which came with paprika chickpeas, feta, red onion, leaves and a turmeric dressing.

This well-presented salad was both spicy and salty. The feta worked incredibly well with the paprika chickpeas and turmeric dressing and all the flavours combined were balanced out by the leaves. A dish I can imagine being a big hit when the warmer weather arrives.

This was accompanied by a matcha tea. A drink that is completely new to me but tastes divine. Served with turmeric, coconut milk and honey It is an ingredient list that you think wouldn’t work but somehow it does.

Now on to my absolute favourite course…… Aussie eggs

As a blogger, this is hard to say but the truth is…. I. have. never. tried. avocado. before! And now I am annoyed at what I have been missing. My mouth is watering just thinking about that poached to perfection egg covered in pink hollandaise and lay on a bed of toast, avocado hummus and chorizo. This dish is a taste sensation.

This dish was served with a blue raspberry tea from the Bluebird Tea Company and was a little bit magical. Served in a tea decanter the drink will change colour when lemon juice is added.

Finally, we come to the last course, which comprised of a gluten-free brownie. This was served with a cold brew tonic,a glass of cold brew and a glass of homemade strawberry lemonade.My favourites were the gluten-free brownie and the strawberry lemonade. Treats I could imagine myself having again and again.

From the food to the atmosphere everything about Wayland’s Yard suggests that it is going to be a Birmingham hotspot.

I was invited to a complimentary Brunch for Dinner by East Village PR, and Sam and Polly at Wayland’s Yard. All opinions are my own.
Honesty is this bloggers policy!

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