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Earlier in the week I briefly touched on the topic of a free dating site(s) and first date safety, But safety isn’t just for a first date. It is something that you need to be aware of every minute that you spend with someone.

Ask yourself do you feel safe and secure?

Domestic violence can be both physical and mental abuse. And the signs of which can manifest on a first date or even months/years into the relationship.

Today I wanted to tell you about an initiative that has been set up to help people when they are out and feeling vulnerable.

Ask For Angela

Originally launched by Lincolnshire County Council, Ask for Angela is an initiative that allows people who feel vulnerable or scared to discreetly ask for assistance. Now being rolled out in clubs and bars in South London the initiative looks set to spread.

Asking for Angela allows staff the option to:

  • Call a taxi for the individual in need
  • Contact the person’s family or friends
  • Request that the individual who is causing the distress leaves the bar/club.

Hopefully, the media attention that the initiative has attracted will mean that it will eventually be rolled out nationwide. Especially since celebrities like Ashton Kutcher are now supporting the campaign.

Hayley Child, who is employed as a Sexual Violence & Abuse Strategy Coordinator for Lincolnshire County Council was the brainchild behind the initiative.

“We’d seen that a few individual pubs around the country had done similar messages at the bar saying that if people’s dates weren’t going well the bar staff would help and call them a cab,” she said.

“We wanted to do this in a more organised way.”

She said the popularity of dating apps like Tinder meant more people might find themselves in difficult situations, adding that “feedback suggests having the scheme in place makes people feel safer”. Quote taken from BBC news.

How do you know where will help

Posters for the initiative can normally be found in both male and female toilets of venues that are offering assistance. Please don’t be scared to Ask for Angela, as this will allow a staff member to take you to one side and make sure that you are removed from the situation straight away.

As someone who was once caught up in a double date that left me feeling scared, I sincerely hope this catches on.

Don’t be afraid

Ask for Angela wasn’t created to stop people from going on dates. It is there to add a feeling of security when dating. So if an occasion occurs that sees you feeling vulnerable despite following the date safe tips, you can ask for help discreetly. So when arranging dates with people you may meet on a free dating site or app remember about……………… Ask For Angela!

Date Safe Tips

Make sure you meet in a public place, do not arrange to go to each others homes.

There really is safety in numbers and to be honest whether it is someone you have met in a bar or online, for a first date you should meet them in a public place. Meeting someone at their home can put your safety at risk.

Make sure you stay sober and safety conscious.

Alcohol can blur your judgement and on a first date you need your wits about you

Tell a friend or relative about your date.

Make sure you tell at least one person about your date. You should tell them where you are going, what time etc and give as much information about the person you are meeting as possible.

Sort your own travel out. Do not allow them to pick you up from your house.

Don’t make yourself reliant on someone you are yet to meet, until you know you can trust them!

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