Hug that notebook – World Stationery Day is coming.

April isn’t just the month of Easter it is also the month of World Stationery Day. On the 25th April, people all over the world get to hug their notebooks tight and celebrate the beautiful world of stationery products,

Oh stationery how I love thee

In the summer before I started secondary school my parents took me shopping for school supplies and muttered those magical words ‘choose what you like’. Forget the kid in a candy shop, I was a kid in a stationary store.

Up until then, I had always used stationary that people had bought for me and suddenly there I was looking at a multitude of notebooks in an array of different colours and sizes. Before I knew it my basket was full and my love of stationery had ignited.

Can you ever have enough

After school and college came work and suddenly I was buying journals, diaries, organisers and the all-important planners. I organised my life on paper and made notes of my dreams and aspirations. But not all of my purchases could I bring myself to write in. Some pieces just look too beautiful, they sit on display or travel with me, enjoying the journey but never being privy to the pen.

And don’t get me started on pens, from gel to neon my collection is immense. One of my oldest pens was a gift from my brother, it features a gold guardian angel on the clip and has gold engraving in it. Sadly, It no longer works but it still sits among its peers in my pencil case.

Now that I am a freelancer/blogger I find more than ever that my love of stationery is still very much alive. I have planners, diaries, to do lists and calendars all lined up to keep me organised. It is these things that help me remember deadlines, plan posts and keep my mind as decluttered as possible.

Let’s not forget post-its, which were actually invented in error during a project to make strong super glue.

I try to keep my stationery spending under control, especially now we are buying a house, but I do allow myself a quarterly budget for essentials that help with my day-to-day.

Which is how

On my latest stationery quest, I discovered that the lovely people at Old English Co are giving people the chance to win 4 of their beautiful new planners. These Stunning A5 planners come in Blush Pink, Charcoal Grey, Off White and Black and Pearlescent. And thanks to this great competition you can win all 4! I don’t know about you but I’m definitely entering.

Stationery facts:

  • Before 1790, when the eraser was invented people would use stale bread to erase pencil marks.
  • Despite there now being a vast array of highlighter colours, the yellow still makes up 85% of the total sales. (I’m a pink highlighter fan myself)
  • Not only was the post it invented by accident, it also wasn’t intended to be yellow. This turned out to be the only paper they had in the laboratory that day!

When I worked in the public sector I was taught that each pen colour had its role:

  1. Black was business, signing letters and official documents etc.
  2. Blue was for social correspondence, making notes, minute taking etc.
  3. Red was for correcting errors when proofreading documents and noting amendments.
  4. Green was for stocktaking and fact-checking.

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