Holiday essentials

With summer fast approaching and the daunting realisation that the holiday we booked months ago is now suddenly only days/weeks away, I decided to share with you my holiday essentials list.


Protection from the sun is extremely important. The key to picking a good suncream is to make sure that you get the correct SPF for your skin as well as making sure that the UVA rating has at least 4*. The NHS recommends that everyone wears at least a factor 15. As someone who is fair skinned, I only travel with factor 50.

Passport/Travel Documents

Whether you are flying, driving or heading out to sea, make sure that you have all the documents you need. From tickets to hotels to travel insurance, leaving these behind could put your holiday in jeopardy,

Plug Adapter

I know that we all tend to remember our electronics, camera, iPad, straighteners etc. However, it is always best to check what plug you require for the country you will be visiting.

Money/Traveller’s Cheques

When travelling aboard make sure that you have some money in the correct currency. I always recommend checking the rate in both the UK and the country you are travelling to, this will help you decide whether to purchase all of your holiday money in the UK.


Another holiday essential is definitely what you plan on wearing. I once read the cosmopolitan rule of 1x bikini/costume for every three days of beach/pool time and 1x cover up for the same period of time.

Over time I have expanded this to 3x beach/pool items for a weeks holiday. This way I still have plenty of room in my case for day and evening wear.

Create yourself a holiday checklist to guarantee you take everything you need!

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