My first week with XLS

I am now officially a week in with XLS.

Week One 

In that time I have discovered that I suddenly have a determination which I haven’t felt before.

Maybe it comes from the fact that I have been preparing to go abroad and hate the idea of going away looking like this. Trying on holiday clothes left me red faced and angry with myself, I was devastated looking in the mirror and the truth is I only have myself to blame. The months of eating my feelings have impacted on my body and my mind, leaving me feeling like a cross between a troll and a whale, a trale!

As where the old trale in me would’ve sobbed and reached for the nearest bar of Cadbury’s, the new trale went for a walk. As I walked and pondered I realised I might look like this now but I’m working on changing that, I’m drinking my two shakes every day, increasing my activity levels and watching my calorie intake when it comes to my main meal and snacks. 

Gone are the chocolate bars, cakes and ice cream, replaced by rice cakes, popcorn and nuts.

I feel more regulated and I think that is what I needed, I’m a lazy eater… if I’m not eating with anyone else I will grab the quickest thing going, be it cereal or a takeaway. Now I prepare for my evening meal and I look forward to it too. In fact I enjoy it more and savour the taste. 

However, I must admit that in the first week I haven’t religiously stuck to the calorie amount in the evening, with a couple of blog events I have gone over, But as discussed at the XLS event, I prepared for these by walking a little more and not beating myself up over it. I let myself have the event and then I got straight back on it. Something I never would’ve done before, I’ve always been someone who has a treat which spirals into weeks and ultimately culminates in guilt.

What the scales say

When I stood on the scales and prepared to weigh in, I kept reminding myself that I hadn’t been as strict as I should’ve been, that I shouldn’t expect much. So imagine my shock and delight when it showed that I was in fact 4lb lighter!

4lb might not help my holiday wardrobe but it is going in the right direction and that is what I need, it has also spurred me on. This holiday will be my last as a trale, when I go away in July I will be happier in my skin and clothes, and that ladies and gents is what is helping my determination.

Next week

As I approach a new week, I am aware that I have another event as well as the first couple of days of my holiday but I’m going to carry on, I won’t beat myself up if I have a treat and I will plan to exercise more and make up for it,

* This post is in collaboration with XLS Nutrition.
However, all opinions are my own, honesty is this bloggers policy!

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  1. Sassy
    April 30, 2018 / 8:39 pm

    You are doing so well

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