Things to do at the airport

I don’t know about you but I hate that bit of time before your holiday, where you’ve checked in at the airport and suddenly find yourself stuck with 2-3 hours to spare.

Hours where you want to be on your way, ready to start your holiday but instead you feel like you are stuck in limbo.

Things to do at the airport

Check out the duty-free

From chocolate to perfume, browsing the shops will help while away the hours and maybe even allow you to purchase yourself a pre-holiday treat.

I personally tend to buy my sunglasses at the airport, they have some of the prettiest frames and since I’m lucky enough to have a small head, I am able to buy VAT free from the children’s section.

Grab a bite to eat

Been too busy getting everything sorted that you’ve forgotten to eat, then the airports got you covered. From sandwiches to three course meals there’s a food choice for everyone, even us coeliac’s.

Pre holiday drink

Already in holiday mode and wanting to toast to your travels. Then why not pay the airport bar a visit. Non-drinkers can find soft drinks and hot beverages there too.

Have a massage

Are you ready to unwind and relax, then why not put a couple of pound coins in the massage chair and enjoy some time as the chair gently pulses your body into a calming state.


Who said that book nuzzled in your hand luggage was just for the flight, why not travel within the pages whilst waiting for your plane. 

Without a book, but wishing you had bought one, then why not stop by the airports book store and pick up a genre to capture your imagination.

Catch up

Going away with friends/family, then why not have a good old catch up in the airport lounge. You could even plan where you would like to go on your trip.


Still have a few more emails to write before that out of office goes on. Then why not take advantage of the hours and finish those urgent work errands.

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