XLS abroad

My second and third week on XLS has brought about changes in me that I wasn’t expecting.

From a holiday abroad to a depression trigger, I’ve had a whirlwind two weeks and learned more about myself.

XLS abroad

Taking the shakes on holiday with me wasn’t a problem. However, on my first morning in resort I made the conscious decision to try one breakfast at the hotel. So I took the pressure off and went to see what the food options were for a coeliac. Despite eating egg and bread, I found myself really missing my XLS drink.

Starting the day with a shake made me feel motivated to move and move I did. Armed with my new Apple Watch I walked to the beach, around the town. In fact I used my feet to get me around everywhere, meaning that some days I walked 16.000 steps, with my least active day being 10.457.

Every day I loved walking along the beach and taking in the views. I found the sea calming and the sunshine uplifting, which meant that I wanted to be out all the time.

Food wise I kept to my morning shake and on occasion had a lunchtime one if we made it back to the hotel in time. But if I’m honest, I can’t tell you how much my evening meals amounted to in calories.

What I can tell you is that I didn’t beat myself up, if I wanted a cocktail, I had one. Did I treat myself to fro-yo one day, you bet I did. But all the time I stayed active and mindful that the only person I would be hurting if I ate lots, was myself.


It felt as though I had finally found my balance, that I could be good and allow myself the odd treat. Instead of spiraling into guilt, I enjoyed myself!

And I even found myself wearing a swimming costume and going out in shorts, which in itself is a big thing for me. I’m nowhere near happy with myself but knowing that I’m working on me is helping.

Back in the UK

Back home, I felt more refreshed. Suddenly I had a zest for being active and before I knew it I had bought a treadmill, signed up to do a 5k run in memory of my dad and put my name down to do a boogie bounce class.

I took my fur babies to the park and ran around with them. I found myself volunteering to go and fetch things just so I could log the extra steps and complete my activity circles. And at times I have found the endorphins a great help with my depression.


With a slight case of holiday blues and the fact that my dads anniversary is looming, I find myself trying to stay distracted, I don’t want to turn to chocolate and eat my feelings… I want to be able to find a new coping mechanism and focus on the run I’m going to do in honour of my dad!

What the scales say

My weight at the time of writing this is 3lb lighter, making a loss of 1/2 a stone in total. Ahough 3lb in two weeks doesn’t sound a lot, I’m happy it is a loss and a loss that I had whilst on holiday.

The week ahead

This coming week will involve

  • A visit to the seaside to see family
  • A self defence class,
  • A mental health talk
  • A boogie bounce class.
  • Redoing my measurements

I am also looking at joining a gym. However, I am expecting it to be an emotional week but I am hoping the bit of positivity I’ve recently found, will stick around.




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