XLS, the hardest week

Four weeks in

This week has probably been the hardest so far and honestly, I can only blame my mindset.  I’ve been so low emotionally and have pretty much spent the week in tears.

Facing the first anniversary of my dads passing was exceptionally hard and I went from not wanting to eat to craving chocolate, I fought it for as long as I could but on the day of the anniversary I gave in. I ate profiteroles (among other things) and drank my dad’s favourite drink (Jameson’s and coke). For 24 hours I gave in and let my emotions have what they wanted.

I still attempted to have my shakes but I honestly can’t say that for a full week I had my XLS shakes daily. I didn’t try my hardest and I know that failed myself.

This week has been hard, along with the tears came anger. Anger that my positivity had gone, anger at myself for giving in and anger at the fact that I can’t flick a switch and be happy with myself.


I did go to my Bounce Boogie class. For those that haven’t heard of it before. Bounce Boogie involves you carrying out a series of dance moves (a bit like clubbercise) but on a small trampoline.  This allows for extra calories to be burned but also lower impact on the knees. They say that a full one-hour session can burn up to 800 calories.

For an hour I worked on keeping my balance and dancing my frustration out and for a bit, I forgot that I was sad but then the black cloud returned and I felt myself slump again.

That being said I will return to Boogie Bounce again because the morning after my class I felt pain in muscles I didn’t even know I had.

What the scales say

The scales this week were the only thing that wasn’t as low as my mood and sadly I put on a lb, but I only have myself to blame.

This week ahead

I am going to give myself a swift kick up the bum and get my act together, I don’t want another week like this one. Not only did I not do half of what I had planned but I gained and I will not allow that to happen again.

So for this week, I am planning on:

  • Spending more time over the park with my furbabies.
  • Use my treadmill at least 5 out of the 7 days.
  • Put my music on and dance around like no one is watching (this is normally good for my mood too)
  • Find a new activity to challenge me.

I know I let myself down last week and I really don’t want to be saying the same next week, so wish me luck!


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