Let’s talk confidence!

Following on from my post about my journey with depression. I wanted to talk to you about an issue that my depression has highlighted.

Then and now

I’ve never been the most confident of people and I certainly have never viewed myself with high self-esteem but over the past year, both have plummeted.

I hate how I look and the very thought of seeing my own reflection makes me feel sick to the stomach.  I’m trying my hardest to work on the things I’m unhappy with but honestly I don’t feel like I can change everything I need. My confidence has gone!


On my quest to try and improve myself I’ve discovered the following tips and tricks that I am going to attempt for the month of June, that means for a whole 30 days I will be carrying out 30 days to boost my confidence.

7 steps in 30 days

1) An Intention For The Day

Everyday set yourself an action for the day. An action that will allow you to work towards your big goals and ideal self.

2) Stop Thinking Negatively

I know this will be hard for me, as I am definitely my own worst enemy when it comes to overthinking and comparing myself to others. I would say on an average day I’m 90% negative thoughts. In fact, I am only normally Miss Positive when it comes to offering other people advice and compliments.

3) Treat Yourself As A Friend

I’m hoping that the visualisation trick of imagining the negative thoughts being aimed at someone I love will be something that allows me to view them in a different perspective and change my way of thinking.

4) Grant Yourself Permission

The aim of this step is to write down a few of the fears and feelings of guilt that regularly enter your mind. After a few days you will know which one is your most constant fear//feeling.

Once you know what it is, write yourself a permission slip, then when you feel the thought grip you remind yourself that you have permission.


You feel guilty for showing your feelings.

Your permission slip, could read:

I have permission to show my feelings and not feel guilty for it!

5) Say Thanks To Your Flaws

This will be a big thing for me, all I see is flaws and I honestly don’t know how I can bring myself to thank them.

The idea here is to write down the things you are most conscious of about your body and write them a thank you. To focus on the positives that that body part has done for you.

6) Personal Timeline Map

The idea here is to map out your timeline from your birthday and then list everything as you age. Making sure that you keep in things even if you think others won’t be impressed by them.

Include accomplishments as well as occasions that you struggled. The goal here is to show you the things you have achieved as well as the obstacles you have overcome.

7) Recognise The Roots Of Who You Are

Create a list of your beliefs, traits and values. Then add in the new strengths and skills you learned growing up, next add your aspirations, dreams and goals,

Then over the next few days is create a tree out of this words,

The deep roots and trunk will be made up of your beliefs, traits and values, with the branches being the strengths and skills you gained growing up. Finally allow the leaves to grow from your aspirations, dreams and goals,

Positive Mental Attitude

There you have it, the seven steps that I am going to follow throughout June in the hope of working on myself and my confidence.

I am following the steps that I found at Everyday Power Blog


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