Benidorm Old Town

One of my favourite parts of Benidorm was the Old Town. This authentically Spanish area offers a Ramblas of shops, cafes and restaurants. With cobbled streets and one of a kind beautiful boutique hotels, this was probably the area that I visited the most.

The Church of San Jaime

when I first walked around the corner of the church came into view and at that moment I was awestruck. For there before me stood a building steeped in history. The Church of San Jaime was dedicated to the patron saint of the old town and has been around since the mid 18th Century, It is famous for its blue-tiled cupola (rounded dome).

Inside the church, you will also find a small chapel containing the little wooden sculpture of Virgen del Sufragio (patron saint of Benidorm). Folk law suggests that the statue was discovered on a boat that was adrift on the high seas.

Once inside the church, I was lost in the serenity that was felt within the walls, It was in here that I lit a candle in memory of my dad and shed a few tears overcome with the moment.

The ruins of Benidorm Castle

South of the Old Town lies the city’s ruined castle. Built to defend this region from pirates XIV, XV and XVI centuries. Despite being later abandoned, some of the original walls can still be found at the balcony viewpoint. Now more commonly known as The Balcony of the Mediterranean.

It was on the balcony that I found a great place to take photographs. This is the perfect location to take in the moment as you gaze upon the stunning views. Allow yourself to cast your eyes upon the beaches and peacock island (the large rock in the middle of the water)

Shops and restaurants

With quaint boutiques and truly Spanish restaurants and cafe bars, the Old Town is a beautiful way to spend the day. I could happily spend hours taking in the views from the restaurant at the top.

Benidorm’s Old Town is the idyllic location to enjoy a day filled with culture and romance. It is one of those places that you really must see with your own eyes. Just walking by the authentic houses and inviting establishments will warm your heart as the sun warms your skin.

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