5 Exciting Things To Do In Edinburgh

Scotland’s cosmopolitan capital is somewhere that everyone should visit. Here are just a few of the most exciting attractions worth seeing on your trip to Edinburgh.

Visit Edinburgh Castle

Towering over the city, Edinburgh’s most famous landmark has a long and fascinating history. It’s one of the oldest buildings in Scotland and there are beliefs that it was used by settlers for many millennia before it was a castle with archaeological finds dating back almost 3000 years. There are all kinds of myths and legends surrounding the castle from ghosts stories to superstitions. It’s also the home of the Scottish Crown jewels. On top of the castle, it’s worth taking a look around some of the olde-worlde streets leading towards it – known as the Royal Mile, these streets have a lot of history themselves as well as sporting street entertainment and many great shops and restaurants.

Climb Arthur’s Seat

This rocky summit overlooks the city and is a popular hiking spot. It’s believed to be an ancient volcano that’s long been inactive. From the top, you can take in breathtaking views of Edinburgh. Arthur’s Seat also has its fair share of history – young women used to climb the peak and wash their face with the dew, which was believed could preserve their youthfulness. Nobody is quite sure where the peak got its name – whilst there are many theories, no historian has been able to pinpoint an exact reason. Who was Arthur?

Tour the National Museum of Scotland

The National Museum of Scotland contains treasures from around the world including everything from dinosaur skeletons to ancient tools. One of the highlights of this museum is the fact that it has regular night openings every Friday in August – it’s a real-life night at the museum experience!

Attend the Fringe Festival

Another reason to visit Edinburgh in August is the Fringe Festival, which happens to be the largest arts festival in the world. In 2017, there were 53,232 performances spanning 25 days over 300 venues within the city. Hotels in Edinburgh can book up fast during this season, so it’s best to book ahead. You can find details of all the performances booked so far for this year’s Fringe by visiting the festival’s website.

Take a walk through the Royal Botanic Garden

Almost every city in the world has a botanical garden, but few are as extensive as Edinburgh’s. There are over 13,000 species of plant here making it a botanist’s haven. Even if you have no interest in plants, you’re certain to find it a peaceful and beautiful place to walk around. The giant lily pond, Chinese Hillside and the Rock garden are some of the Garden’s highlights.


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