My dream wedding venue!

When I was younger I was asked to do plan my dream wedding for a business studies project. By the end of the project my wedding tallied up to £50,000, Okay, I probably did get carried contemplating a princess carriage and countless bridesmaids but at 15 years old my ideal wedding was a big showy event.

How things change

Now, however, my dream wedding is more focused on what I want instead of a people-pleasing affair. Coming from a big family I always assumed that all of my relatives would be there for my big day. But since losing my dad I have realised that I don’t want a big family wedding full of relatives who I rarely see, who weren’t there for me at the hardest time of my life. So, therefore, they certainly don’t deserve to be there at one of the happiest. 

There are however key parts of my teenage dream wedding that I most definitely still want.

A picturesque venue

As I have gotten older I am more in tune with what I like. I appreciate details and places and love nothing more than spending time with those I love.  Which is why I adore the idea of getting married within a country house setting. I am in awe of some of the views they have to offer and can imagine the setting as an exquisite backdrop to the wedding photos.   However, I would prefer to have my ceremony and reception indoors, that way nothing has to be weather dependent.

The perfect thing about choosing a hotel/country house is that they offer an in-house wedding planner as well as catering options, flowers etc. Meaning that you only have to attend appointments at one place and discuss what you want.

Venues that offer to take on a lot of the work for you can save a couple a lot of stress like Bijou click here

Tips for choosing your venue

Workout your budget

Don’t start looking at venues before having worked out your budget. You don’t want to fall in love with something that you cant afford or justify.  Sticking to a budget doesn’t mean that you have to lose out.

Location, location, location

If your guests aren’t local, choosing a venue that is easily accessible is desirable. If your venue has onsite accommodation or hotels in close proximity this would be a positive for those RSVP’ing. Also, remember to add into the budget any rooms that you require for the night before the wedding and the wedding night.

Make a list

Once you have an idea of your budget, sit down together and work out the things you aren’t prepared to negotiate on, Discuss what sort of catering, flowers, entertainment etc you want as this can also have an impact on your venue. This will also allow you to work out any questions that you have for your potential venues.

Estimate how many people you would want at your wedding

When deciding who to invite to your wedding, ask yourself if you have seen this person in the last 12 months? Would you miss them on your big day? Would it cause drama if they weren’t invited?

The key thing here is to remember it is yours and your fiancee’s big day, so you two get to decide! Invite people who will make your day extra special. You don’t want to feel like you need to police your own wedding.

Stay in control

Don’t allow yourself to be swayed when planning your big day. If you don’t want 15 bridesmaids, don’t. You only intend on doing this once, so do it YOUR way. You want to be able to look back on your big day and know that you wouldn’t change a thing.

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