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Let’s talk London

Previous trips to London, whether it be for business or pleasure have left me unable to visit the landmarks the city is famous for. In fact, I have never found time to do the touristy thing when there. So when I was invited to the capital to experience the new venture from Megabus, I eagerly said YES.

The event

I started my evening by joining the event organisers for a VIP experience on the London Eye. As we took in the views from our private pod we were told all about the exciting new business venture between Megabus and Stage Coach… Megasightseeing!

After taking in the amazing skyline views, it was time to head to our open-top bus and see what Megasightseeing was all about.

About the tour

Megasighteeing offers you the chance to go on a non-stop tour of London. During the tour, you will get to see 50 of the most famous sights within the city.

You can board the two-hour tour from the following three locations:

  • The London Eye
  • Tower of London
  • Park Lane

With departures every hour between 10:00 and 17:00. As well as the chance to purchase your ticket from £1, this really is a sightseeing tour like no other.

Amazingly, every person who purchases a ticket on the bus is guaranteed a seat on both the upper and lower deck of the bus. Allowing you to enjoy the tour knowing that even if the weather isn’t on your side you can still enjoy the sights.

We boarded the bus around 6 pm and were lucky enough to witness the sun setting as we  journeyed around the city taking in the sights and listening to the automated commentary. I learned many new facts about London that evening

Personally, I found this a great way to see London and would recommend it to anyone doing a day trip. 50 sights in 2 hours is amazing and still leaves plenty of time for other things that the capital is famous for i.e. shopping, theatre.


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