Buckt box – Birmingham’s unique subscription box

Some of you may be aware that Adam and I are are currently in the process of buying a house. Which means that at present we are on a budget and date days/nights have been few and far between.

That was until we discovered Buckt.

Buckt is the UK’s only tickets and activities subscription box. Every month subscribers get 5 mystery things to do in their region delivered straight to their door in one of our Buckt Boxes.

Our first Buckt Box

When our first duo box arrived through the door I was eager to discover our five mystery activities for the month of May.

Rage Room x2 (RRP: £20.00pp)

Bank Restaurant – Free meal x2 (RRP: £20.00pp)

Mockingbird Cinema and Kitchen  x2 (RRP: £4.00-£6.50)

Kadampa Meditation x2 (RRP: £7.00pp)

Music Lesson – Choice of Two Providers  x2 (one free class and the £30 sign up fee waivered)

Duo Box (Two People) – £25

Individual Box (One Person) – £17

What we thought

When we first went through our buckt booklets we were excited to visit the rage room, having recently heard about this unique room we were eager to head there and see what the fuss was about. I was also looking forward to trying Bank restaurant and experiencing Kadampa Meditation.

The cost of the rage room alone makes the box a perfect cost-effective package and means that if there are certain activities that don’t appeal to you it doesn’t matter. Buckt gives you 6 weeks from receiving your box to carry out the activities, which is easily achievable within that time frame.


Over the coming months, Adam and I will be having date days in collaboration with Buckt. Our boxes will be gifted to us and all activities we undertake will be posted on Luv and Lifestyle.

So please do follow along to find out more…

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