Have I told you lately, that…

I had never really experienced romance first hand so when I started dating Adam it was new to me to have someone who wanted to surprise me and make me feel special.

Over the past year and a half, he has surprised me with trips away, concert tickets and things I have mentioned I like in passing. And as much as I love those things and wouldn’t want them to stop (if you are reading this Adam, please don’t). It is the little things that show me how much he cares.

Like holding me when I cry about missing my dad, Holding back my hair after I drank too much at my dad’s wake, picking me up on days he can meet me from my counselling. As well as reminding me that he is there for my family and me.

I put up a lot of resistance at times. Not wanting him to feel like I was a burden or that he had made a bad decision swiping right on me…. I tried to push him away from my worst moments but he pushed back and broke through my barriers.

And in all that time I found my feelings getting stronger as I faced an internal battle with my grief. And then on the weekend of what would’ve been my parent’s wedding anniversary, my mum and I went away and Adam stayed at ours to look after B.

Outstanding acting

On the morning we were due home I heard from Adam explaining that following an accident the lock on our front door had broken. After a lot of fraught messages. I arrived home with the knowledge that I would need to access our property via the back.
AS I walked through the gate I saw fireworks zooming into the sky. And as I looked around the garden I noticed that is was covered in I LOVE YOU banners.
Standing there was Adam and at that moment he took my hand, looked me straight in the eyes and told me he loved me.
And he hasn’t stopped telling me since.

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